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Framed PoemArt displays, poems to read, USS Yorktown photos, Dandisciple explained.
Framed PoemArt displays, poems to read,  more USS Yorktown photos and various quotes.
Special offer:  Framed poems and inscribed coffee mugs, poems to read, various quotes.  A great page to wet your poetry toes.
Inscribed coffee mugs, margarita glasses, beer mugs with framed poem combos; poems USS Yorktown photos;
Special framed poems/coffee mug offers; poems to read; USS Yorktown photos; more fun stuff. Tickle those dull brain waves.
Special framed poem offer with inscribed coffee mugs; outrageous poetry to read; fabulous USS Yorktown photos
Poetry to read; fabulous USS Yorktown photos; Yorktown Disciple info; lots of great stuff.
Dibond Poem Plastron offerings; poems on metal; an aluminum eye knocker. Poetry to feast on; words to savor;
Personalized Quatrains on Dibond Poem Plastron;missing this would be foolish; poems;  Tell us your tale.
Special framed poem offer with inscribed coffee mugs; outrageous poetry to read; fabulous USS Yorktown photos;
Give me liberty by Yorktown Disciple.  Interested in freedom - read it.
Explanation of an Iszlerian Scripter
Quick history of Yorktown Disciple
Building a new Nation - Fact or fiction?
Definition of poetry by Yorktown Disciple
An explanation on how you can get out of your poetry funk.  What to look for.  What not to expect.  A quick read.
Lot of articles to read in order for you to better understand the Poet, Yorktown Disciple. 
A beautiful photo of the USS Yorktown CVS 10 circa 1964.  Yorktown Disciple began his career as a Poet
Here you will discover arguments for and against the existence of God.  Do not read if you are afraid of the outcome.
A discussion of poetry.  The use of words.  Understanding the usefulness of written thoughts.
Political Discourse. How your conscience has abandoned all reason and pure emotion is devouring your soul.
The Yorktown Mermaid followed the ship wherever she went.  Eventually, she just swam away.
Soul cracking Sonnet
Salute to the men of the USS Yorktown, Dead or Alive
Love Poem. Love Poem. Be prepared to cry!
Congressmen who can out poop a chicken.  Must see this!
She was almost struck by eggs!
"tis what thy Country is doing to you.
History of the Yorktown Disciple painting. Explanation of a Poem Plaston.
Explanation of Quatrains
Learn about the Poet Yorktown Disciple.  This knowledge could possibly bring you closer to God.
Hate politicians? Find the truth in a poem.
They didn't get it quite right when they wrote the Bill of Rights.  It is now corrected!
A simple introduction to the Quatrain King in America today, Yorktown Disciple.
Check out the products use to mount poetry you will find on this site.
Poetry defined- in case you haven't a clue!
The Essence of a Poet.  Do you know?
Framed product line 1
Framed product line 2
Screen painted Plastron 3
Quatrain of the Whore.  Let your thoughts be your guide.  Try and read this poem without becoming emotional!
Quatrain to stain the soul
Quatrain Of Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy - a tribute to all poets - if you love poetry, strap a bra on you whether you wear one or not!
Words and War
Love - It'll make you cry.
Lays out the construction methods involved in creating poemart. More to it than meets the eye.  Your satisfaction guaranteed.
Lip smacking Sonnet
Quatrain to make you whole
John Adams wrote: " Death of Democracy by suicide".  Read it. Believe it!
Wow! This poem is just Wow!
Liquid will ooze from your head!  Please, don't try writing like this at home, your keyboard will explode!
The death of a Nation
Anus of a Statesmen. Don't miss it.  It could change your views of governance forever!
The concept of no government. What  a thought!
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Weather Underground Photos
Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain King
Poetizing around the world
Quatrain of Misery # 424
Quatrain of Romance #603
Quatrain of Romantic Road Runner #678
Quatrain of Hallucinogenic Politics #1098
Quatrain of Bog Living # 1099
Quatrain of Idolatry # 328
Quatrain of Spiritual Freedom # 325
Quatrain of Phillipe I #87
Quatrain of Cohoba Dreams #1100
Quatrain of The Buccaneer # 141
Quatrain of Emotivism #323
Quatrain of Mot #242
Quatrain of Morpheus #42
Quatrain of Junfa # 48
Quatrain of Pussy-Toes #485
Quatrain of Atheism #91
Quatrain of Psychedelic Love #1101
Quatrain of Celestial Story #1102
Quatrain of Eyes #1103
Quatrain of Fairy Slipper Love # 798
Quatrain of Fog Feculence # 684
Quatrain of Fulk IV #130
Quatrain of Truth Pledges #20
Quatrain of Heedless Providence #499
Quatrain of Witch Brooms # 771
Quatrain of Froghopper #854
Quatrain of Hygieia #539
Poem - Tranquility
Quatrain of Corpulent Love #1104
Quatrain of Mi Fu #131
Quatrain of Hierakonpolis #206
Quatrain of hijacking #631
Quatrain of Ephraem Syrus #79
Quatrain of Rene Decarte #121
Quatrain of Rakshasa #128
Quatrain of Astrological Divinity #34
Quatrain of Mephistopheles #23
Quatrain of Quasar Salvation #1105
Quatrain of Star Cluster Wish #1106
Quatrain  of Epistemology #123
Quatrain of Deliverance #434
Quatrain of Hyginus #99
Quatrain of alien #1107
Quatrain of Jack 0 Latern #210
Quatrain of Nirvana #1020
Quatrain of Political Planet #261
Quatrain of Celibacy #606
Quatrain of Werewoman #470
Quatrain of Pancake Passion #1108
Quatrain of Kneeling #1109
Quatrain of Free Will #51
Quatrain of emancipated Scrotumology #750
Quatrain of Hallucinating Sin #1110
Quatrain of Chimera #47
Quatrain of The Trinity #138
Quatrain of A Dragon #67
Quatrain of Franklin Roosevelt
Quatrain of Oracle #159
Quatrain of Goblins #55
Quatrain of Lla #263
Poem - Riding High
Quatrain of Heathenism #349
Quatrain of No Sex # 947
Quatrain of Stoic Traveler #1111
Quatrain of Shame-Weak #18
Poems -Empty Jar-Full Jar
Poem - Powder/Prayer
Quatrain of Cotys #716
Quatrain of Philosophy #666
Quatrain of Devil's Apostle #696
Quatrain of Population #1112
Quatrain of Oxygenated Love #1113
Quatrain of Innocent III #179
Quatrain of Gambling #483
Quatrain of Fisherman #334
Quatrain of Honey Bee # 538
Quatrain of Thistle # 1114
Quatrain of Toys #1115
Quatrain of Loose Lips #1116
Quatrain of Gothic #843
Quatrain of Tree Hollow Aging #888
Quatrain of Medicine Man # 542
Quatrain of Apple Cider Abortion #1117
Quatrain of Political Rake #1118
Quatrain of Candy Kiss #1119

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