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Mule Skinner - The Politician - Yorktown Disciple
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Mule Skinner

(The Politician - When the People are the Mule)
- often referred to as: grandstander, agitator, instigator,
radical, grovel, parasite, boot licker

A legislator lives for the world of Milk and Honey,
Robotic-like, begs for votes and shills for money.

He lies to your face while shaking your hand,
Believes his leadership is superlative and grand.

A lawmaker asks forgiveness after using poor judgment,
He does not give up his position or ask for atonement,

A parliamentarian sells his soul for pennies on the dollar,
He grovels to be identified as a serious scholar.

A politician will vote to raise your taxes unfurled,
He uses public funds to fly around the world.

A good politician will malign, cheat, or steal upon command,
He will ream the Constitution and be proud of his stand.

A lawmaker never leaves the public trough, only when he dies,
He continues to suck goodwill while hiding, yet, even worse lies.

A great politician learns to rape the private sector,
Without conceding his pants dropped below a critical vector.

He epitomizes the worst traits in the human condition,
He helps to explain why America is seeking contrition.

Yes, politicians are never good - forever and always ugly,
They are leaches on the middle class; they smile very smugly.

And because there is no accounting in our government pool,
Politicians will continue on forever, to make us the fool.

Yorktown Disciple
Ask not what
you can do for
your country -
ask what your
country is
doing unto

Yorktow Disciple