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Order # 91
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Quatrain of Atheism

Atheism - disbelieves or denies the
existence of God - not to be confused
with an agnostic who believes it is
impossible to know if their is a God. 
Of course, there is no ground rules
for Proof.  Therefore, this becomes
more of an exercise in mental
calisthenics that it does in reason.

Pointing toward impossible ciphering
of eternity - denial of the

Accepting the End to be more closing
and final than the

Looking into an emptiness with pregnant
ideation forever

Alas! Glory crushed - when Death arrives -
no logic to

Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
With logic to impart
If the gates
to eternity
are locked
when you
get there
just scale
the fence,
you'll have
plenty of time
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Quatrain of Atheism - 91 - Yorktown Disciple