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Quatrain of Innocent III
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Yorktown Disciple
Order #179
Quatrain of Innocent III

Most significant Pope of the middle ages.  One of 13 popes use the name Innocent

Original name: Lothar of Segni, Re0established and expanded Popes authority over the Papal States.

Chasing heresy with vigor, crushing all sinful heathens using blasphemy as their favorite tool,

Reciting the Word as though spoken from God; listening with great effort as Innocent speaks to a fool.

Teaching morality often thwarted by imperial immorality to ensure order among commoners,

Ruling with biblical lashings, insuring with vengeance that no one escapes the Devil's covenantors.

Yorktown Disciple
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Quatrain of Innocent III - 179 - Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain Directive II   Order Section 23