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  1.  Pay homage to your Creator always
     giving thanks.

  2.  Vow to abide by the axioms
     pertained in genetics of freewill.

  3.  Spawn favor for the rights of others.

  4.  Do unto others as they have done
    unto you.

  5.  Honor all Wonder as Holy.

  6.  Crush those who intend to do you
     harm before their dreams become
     your nightmares.

  7.  Do not commit intellectual adultery.
     Let not your reason drown in false

  8.  Do not covet Justice that is
    divinely fed on moral bankruptcy.

    Yorktown Disciple
Chronic Prose for Correlating Congenital Cognition
PoemHunting wearing sunglasses.
Yorktown Disciple is truly  an  aphoristic wordsmith of the first order.  We offer just a sampling of this vibrant verse generator's prose mixed with unique and delightful gifts you can purchase for you or someone dear to your heart. 

Please feel free to check out all the bountiful reading and the word and verse gift packages offered on this page and all other pages.  Check the Product List on this page and just click to visit.  Thank you again for being here.

If you wish to learn more about
Yorktown Disciple you will find evidence of his history beginning on page 1.  He is unlike anyone you know today.  In another life his best friend  was the memorable Nostradamus.  It is our understanding that he lived just down the street during those years the Nostradamus Quatrains were being written. 

Even today,
Yorktown Disciple loves writing Quatrains of his own but realizes the futility in competing for tomorrows forecast. In fact, if you mention any of this to Yorktown Disciple he keeps mumbling something about pestilence and political malfeasance profiting from the peasants who continually press for more taxation and a bout with the castration of freedom. 

Now, we're not positive what he means, but the graphics lead one to believe nothing good can come of this. 

So, read your way around this site.  You might learn something that could surprise you. It is not a taxing experience.  Truly, it is up lifting.

Enjoy your visit.
The Editors
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Proverbs to freeze
Prose on the seas
   For The Sake Of The Children

   You blessed my saddled indulgence
   with an egg roll of lost improbabilities.

   You shook my spearmint flavored ideas
   with sound planetary nutritional

   It was easy to mix fondness into sweet
   pancaked bribes of economic benefits.

   But I couldn't go on to the end of life
   begging for enraptured stilts sculpted
   just to peer over ugliness.

   I had to curse with exalted fervor,
   so I could prosper from my pocket
   bending attitudes.

   I didn't want to smell pajama covered
   bliss, nor did I want to ride a horse of

   I just wanted to lay my head down
   and wake up before I fell asleep.

     Yorktown Disciple


This is a story about a little girl who wouldn't listen to her father. 

As she grew older she became more and more defiant.  She hung out with the wrong crowd.  She experimented with drugs.  She rebelled against all authority.  She received bad grades in school. 

She eventually dropped out.  Only to realize years later that she should have listened to her father. 

And father was tired of it all by then.  All he wanted to do was get some rest. 

Now I'm sure most of you who read this poem got this message.  It's not that hard to follow.  However, for some, it's like we have said before, do not try this stuff at home, especially when you're by yourself and there is no one to interpret. 

We hope you enjoyed this little epic.  We did.  In fact, we read it every day just to keep our spirits afloat.  You should also.  You will be the better for it.  Thanks for listening.
The Editors

Twist your mind around a pole of exaggeration before you attempt to read in the "Poet's Corner" as we like to call this site. 

Actually, You do not have to be a poet to enjoy the various poems you will find throughout this sight.  In fact, if you are a poet, we suggest you just pretend to be an ordinary human being when you thumb through many of these writings.  It will keep those loose bolts of prophetic notions from banging against your skull when you find some of the corners of Yorktown Disciple's ideas to be, shall we say, a little too sharp. 

Please, help yourself.  Gather as much muster as you can.  You will soon want to write something yourself.

The Editors.
Poet's Prayer

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 Unto Others
Yorktown Disciple on the USS Yorktown in 1966. If you look closely you can see him standing on the bow waving to the photographer.
Anyone familiar with poetry will recognize "How many barbs gild the lapses of time" by John Keats.  Here is a Yorktown Disciple version (to discipline the mind)with a different subject matter but based on similar iambic pentameter. Enjoy.   The Editors
Eggshell Homicide
Poetry citation for using speeding words
A Poet's Emergency Poem Detector
Cleaning everlasting beatitutes with a washboard of worship.
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Everlasting shoestrings from soles of small feats
1964South China Sea
Poem Saint
Philosophical Poem Enhancer
Crust of Verse Buttered Bread
Poem Carriers Christmas In War
Landing Poetry On the Deck of  the USS Yorktown
Poems twirling on the tips of propellers.
We sunk ships of poems and when they didn't drown we choked them with poetry until they gave up their verses of vinegar flavored salad dressing so we could eat chopped  proverbs of military strategy at chow time.

It was an effective way to win the battle of words without forcing any aircraft to hit the deck. 

When that happened we cried poetic tears of anguish until the next day when we got up and did it all over again.  
Yorktown Disciple
Celestial Motion - Oppressed - Poem Code 4F
Poems blazing from the exhaust of jet engines fired into a heat shield of devotional ineptitude will force  you to jump into the water to cool a bobbing deck of discrimination.
The Last Supper of Proverbs with only one disicple, Yorktown Disciple
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USS Yorktown
Christmas at night - Hong Kong
Christmas in daylight - Hong Kong
Pajama Bliss
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