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Definition of Poetry.

Sometimes it is literature written in meter and verse often referred to as "the measured language of emotion". 

It can often be the measure of logic, of reason and the identity of a particular substance that occupies space. 

Thought occupies space just as say, electricity.  It must make room in the universe in order for it to exist and the space it occupies cannot be occupied by something else at the same time. 

Therefore, Poetry is more than "the measure of emotion".  It is the emotion itself.  It is that special circumstance of living.  Of being.

It is contained in the physical universe.  It is part of your life even if you have no use for its prose.

It is the smell of happiness; of sadness, of utter, desperate sorrow. It is not an attachment to your life but an atomized formation of  God's essence.*

When you experience poetry you experience everything.  All phenomenon  possible.

Write it. Read it. Live it.
* YorktownDisciple
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