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Yorktown Disciple is a percipient poet and writer. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran who served on the USS YORKTOWN (CVS-10) from 1964 - 1966 in the South China Sea off the warm waters of Vietnam.  Planes were launched; men died.  After his tour of duty he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Central Washington University in Washington State. 

On April 14th, 1982, the day his benevolent mother died an agonizing death from cancer,
Yorktown Disciple was transformed from a prosaic thinker to genius! A bolt of metaphysical enlightenment struck his enraptured soul containing lost spirits which were quickly emulsified  into a universal binary code of discerning meditation with death defying exactitude. Every molecule, every atom of emotion permeating the universe instantly became intelligible.  Every notion of ephemeral justice flashed across his brain in vivid syllables, possessed by syllogisms and punctuated with algebraic formulas. Tightly packed with the hallowed serum of universal truth, these formulas are found only through losing  a portion of the soul. This loss is vital for ascending into an exalted life and can only occur after death. It is imperative that the living experience eternal rest. 

This profound observation flattened his reconfigured grasp of all invective proverbs. From mortal to immortal... from fiction to fact...  from darkness to light... back to the beginning where present day astronomers are now focusing their space floating telescopes.  No one questions the fact that omniscient yearning to know and the formulation of the theory of transcendental truth were born from the synapses of
Yorktown Disciple.

Doctors believe that this exceptional insight was passed from mother to son.  His mother's intuitively infallible acumen was passed to her from either her mother or father and so on back to the beginning of his family tree, possibly to God who sits at the feet of the
beginning and the head of time.  It is because of God that space/time are inseparable and because of elusive truth that this is known only to a few.  Glory to inspiration.  Cursed be Death that drives it.
Proverb of Enrichment
Who is Yorktown Disciple?  Here is just a couple of several inspirational indicators you will find on this Site.  As you continue to absorb the natural order of the human condition you will come to know the power of the singular mind.  Good luck while continuing your journey.  You will be richly rewarded with exaltation and other assorted phenomenon.

The Editors
The Editors

Yorktown Disciple began writing in earnest during the years at sea along the coast of Vietnam.  It was a way to keep the mind sharp.

Many folks have ask us to explain why a Submarine Hunter was on patrol in the South China Sea during this time when it was well known there were no Vietnamese subs out looking for a kill.  In reality, the Russians where out in full force with many subs monitoring everything the US was doing. 

Russian submarines came so close to the Yorktown it is said you could hit them with an apple.  The problem was no one wanted to throw a good apple away.  So, for many sailors and airmen, the War was with the Russians. 

General Quarters (a battle ready condition) was held many times a day due to Russian Submarines or Aircraft.  The United States didn't know what the Russians were going to do.  It was a popular view to believe they were going to become active in the war.  Not just supplying weapons but firing bullets.  Consequently, tension was very high while patrolling in the South China Sea. 

To Yorktown Disciple it seemed as though life could turn really sour very quickly.  For many it did.  Planes were lost and sailors were killed onboard due to the nature of their work.  Boredom could turn into fear in seconds.  It's such a big ocean.  No one wanted to die out on the water. 

Yorktown Disciple has said many times that even God will not be able to find you if you drown in the ocean.  That is sobering news.  Most of us believe God can find us anywhere.  False. Absolutely false.  The proof for this is found in the Atom itself.  There, inside the atom, you can find excited positive and negatives charges.  These charges are actually the nervous system of God.  But when you are out in the ocean this excitement is impossible to extract.  Impossible to verify.  God may not even be there.  And if He is not there He surely will not be there tomorrow, or the day after or anytime. 

So forget about God if you drown at Sea.  The Positive charge of a particular yellow atom (for example) will be easier to find out there in the wild blue yonder than you or the uniform you wear so proudly. This according to Yorktown Disciple. 
Yorktown Disciple
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