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Read poetry.  Enjoy.  Have a good time.  This site is actually the Poet's Corner!  We are just keeping this information a secret!

   Panegyric Whisper

   An Angel came up to me
   And spoke not a word. 

   Then, a panegyric whisper
   came over me with the
   force of evolution.

   I was dumbfounded.  What
   had I done to deserve such

   My knees began to buckle,
   my heart began to sink.

   My soul began to climb a
   tendrillar wall of twine and
   my eyes began to blink.

   Glory be to welded prose.
   Glory be to exalted, sweaty

   And Glory be to all who have
   been praised by God!

   Yorktown Disciple
In Tongues

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Yorktown Disciple definitely has a connate sense of Poetry!
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Like all great poetry - the words grow on you, like moss on a limestone wall!


   There is a cool, clear evening
   Outside my porthole of pain.
   It is mopping up the dampness
   From a gripping, impassioned rain.

   An eerie longing is forming
   Around my soul of wasting desire.
   I can feel the Devil's winter
   Boxing in my mental empire,

   If I were not bound to the
   Gravity of a disquieting sphere,
   I believe my mind would wander
   Into a pit sanctioned by fear.

   Yes, my sanity hangs onto the edge
   Of a chasm with a depth unknown,
   But I cling to the walls of hope-
   I love your life as much as my own.

   Yorktown Disciple

Yorktown Disciple
Saint Of Mystical Revelation
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Pillars Of Humanity
God wanted to know the length of illusion.

I told Him it was a little longer than ingenuity.

He smiled and instructed me to measure imaginary pillow cases.

I did.  I deduced illusion to be the length of miracles.
Literary work consisting of borrowed motifs from other sources &

Humiliating; contemptible

(Just trying to help)
There is a time of day when you can come to know and understand the poet, Yorktown Disciple. Channel your most precious thoughts during the early hours of the morning toward nirvana. Do this without seeking or expecting any gratification.

Next, allow the boundless apparitions of your most favorite spirit to connect to the image you hold of pure righteousness. It will not be necessary for you to disconnect from the past.
You will find Yorktown Disciple to be your inner thoughts. You will find old emotions cleansed of selfishness for he holds the staples that God uses to daily fasten your soul together and the mortar between the bricks you call life.  He stands between you and earthly salvation.  Not salvation from God but salvation from the tilting of the earth, the pull of the planets, the rays of the sun. 

You will know
Yorktown Disciple by the richness of a profound thought, the excitement of an emotion, the passion for breathing, for loving.  When you read the essence of his poetry you will not be reading splendor from a stranger, rather you will know the sounds of mystic revelation and the spark of eternity. Let your conscience guide you to the ends of the earth and may happiness follow you all the days of your life.

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Poetry - the side of life we cannot see, we do not know, we will always want. 

Without this side we have no container of human joy. No barrel to place our love. 

Even spiritual water cannot be contained.  Life is nothing. Read. Experience.

Sometimes it is not the understanding but the flow of someone else's thoughts that makes your feelings appear more real. More alive.  Enjoy your tour!
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With obligatory denial scraped from my reflections of stone mounted beatitudes, I was blissfully hoping to be disciplined before nightfall.

Screaming sounds confounding putrefied egg batter with truth soaked insight has left me morally decaying. 

Emulsified soil brought in from a garden planted with the seeds of Prayer without God's approval - the unentended consequence. 

These are shameful acts of disrespect and blundering errors of judgement no reasonable person would dilate into forgiveness, especially in the early hours of the morning. 

Perhaps we should all go back to sleep. And when we wake we will find none of it was ever real!

Yorktown Disciple
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