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Quatrain of Stoic Traveler
Quatrain of  Stoic Traveler

Stoic - philosophically calm

I am satisfied, I am satisfied,
I feel as if the world is spinning
toward the mid-night sun,

If I stay reposed, I will get there
without having to confess the
sins I have done.

Like a bus to downtown, if I
don't get off, I will be taken
to the end of the trail,

With my hand on the door and
one on a prayer, I'll be carried to
eternity's holy grail,

I am satisfied, no longer worried
I must jump through a hoop or
feel I must hurry,

All I need to do is patiently ride
this earth, as if god were pulling
a horse drawn surrey.

No sins to confess, no forgiveness
to pawn, I just need to relax and
smoke my cigars,

For the closer I get to my
destination the easier it is to
know, salvation is in the stars.

Yorktown Disciple

Quatrain of Stoic Traveler - 1111 - Yorktown Disciple
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Quatrain of Stoic Traveler - 1111 - Yorktown Disciple
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