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Yorktown Disciple is a percipient poet and writer. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran who served on the USS YORKTOWN (CVS-10) from 1964 - 1966 in the South China Sea off the warm waters of Vietnam.  Planes were launched; men died.  After his tour of duty he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Central Washington University in Washington State. 

On April 14th, 1982, the day his benevolent mother died an agonizing death from cancer,
Yorktown Disciple was transformed from a prosaic thinker to genius! A bolt of metaphysical enlightenment struck his enraptured soul containing lost spirits which were quickly emulsified  into a universal binary code of discerning meditation with death defying exactitude. Every molecule, every atom of emotion permeating the universe instantly became intelligible.  Every notion of ephemeral justice flashed across his brain in vivid syllables, possessed by syllogisms and punctuated with algebraic formulas. Tightly packed with the hallowed serum of universal truth, these formulas are found only through losing  a portion of the soul. This loss is vital for ascending into an exalted life and can only occur after death. It is imperative that the living experience eternal rest. 

This profound observation flattened his reconfigured grasp of all invective proverbs. From mortal to immortal... from fiction to fact...  from darkness to light... back to the beginning where present day astronomers are now focusing their space floating telescopes.  No one questions the fact that omniscient yearning to know and the formulation of the theory of transcendental truth were born from the synapses of
Yorktown Disciple.

Doctors believe that this exceptional insight was passed from mother to son.  His mother's intuitively infallible acumen was passed to her from either her mother or father and so on back to the beginning of his family tree, possibly to God who sits at the feet of the
beginning and the head of time.  It is because of God that space/time are inseparable and because of elusive truth that this is known only to a few.  Glory to inspiration.  Cursed be Death that drives it.
Who is Yorktown Disciple?  Here are several inspirational indicators you will find on this Site.  As you continue to absorb the natural order of the human condition you will come to know the power of the singular mind.  Good luck while continuing your journey.  You will be richly rewarded with exaltation and other assorted phenomenon.

The Editors
Proverb of Enrichment
Yorktown Disciple creates giant precipices of grandeur from tiny ideas.  He lives within a privately concealed universe that is hunkered down inside the cosmos that all of us see with our eyes, feel with our senses which is partially known to us with our limited minds. Sucked into the natural world by a storm  created by spiritual breath given off when someone so loved moves from one world to another, he unselfishly offers you celestial wisdom rarely found on a round planet.  Few men experience or even know this happens. It transforms every molecule within the human body from a known substance to an unknown spatially reconfigured, openly spectral compound, blending gravity with time.

In fact, the gravity of Yorktown Disciple's mind has been thoroughly blended with the space he occupies and time that appears relentless. This causes a unique gravitational pull that allows his feet to cross the earth without leaving any enchanted footprints.  Blessed be the creature who has the mind weighing a thousand pounds contained within an anatomy that moves others with the touch of a feather.

It is these qualities, and so much more, that will give you a renewed reverence for life, a heart capable of loving and a mind as clear as spring water.  You will never be the same once you read verses from the
Saint of the Mystical .  Fill your life with exaltation and share your inspirations with those closest to you. 

Remember, these verses are mounted, signed and sealed for eternity.  Their value is beyond the mere dollars of ownership.
Many of these poems will inspire you to become closer to God while others may lead you to believe that God has retired. You will be at a loss as to why you were never invited to His farewell  dinner. Perhaps He wanted to say goodbye without leaving?

You may find you will have to reestablish your own life in order to satisfy universally moral laws which you have unknowingly broken because you have been too busy focusing on your own survival..  It happens to all of us.  You need to recognize this shortfall;
you need to once again discover which way to plutonic North. Let yourself be drawn to consecrated magma that inspires a positive force.
There is a time of day when you can come to know and understand the poet, Yorktown Disciple. Channel your most precious thoughts during the early hours of the morning toward nirvana. Do this without seeking or expecting any gratification.

allow the boundless apparitions of your most favorite spirit to connect to the image you hold of pure righteousness. It will not be necessary for you to disconnect from the past. You will find Yorktown Disciple to be your inner thoughts. You will find old emotions cleansed of selfishness for he holds the staples that God uses to daily fasten your soul together and the mortar between the bricks you call life.  He stands between you and earthly salvation.  Not salvation from God but salvation from the tilting of the earth, the pull of the planets, the rays of the sun, 

You will know
Yorktown Disciple by the richness of a profound thought, the excitement of an emotion, the passion for breathing, for loving.  When you read the essence of his poetry you will not be reading splendor from a stranger, rather you will know the sounds of mystic revelation and the spark of eternity. Let your conscience guide you to the ends of the earth and may happiness follow you all the days of your life.
Today, Yorktown Disciple continues to create verse, his mind being constantly sharpened by 21st century dullards so prominent in shaping the future.  Although he is mortal, his thoughts are a paradigm of inventive brilliance juxtaposed against the real world of the fallacy of primitive lies and illuminated Godly sparked truth.. His soul allows for the shining light of angels to break apart the darkness of ignorance and cast passion on the emptiness of humanity.  Once you have been touched by the words of Yorktown Disciple you will be transformed from earth bound governance to heavenly inspiration.  You will never be the same again.  Ecstasy will fill your mind and you will absolutely want to love thy neighbor.
Like Scripture, these poems by Yorktown Disciple will graciously liquefy your heart;  consecrate your soul and mend your mind.  Emotion will flood your life with pure rapture.  You will crave to wrap your arms around someone smooth and sensual. 

Without reverence, you will try and lust up to crush all glory to mankind but prudent justice will prevent your foolish actions while tears burst from your eyes like rain on fertile soil.  But these writings give you veneration. 

These are by far some of the most powerful poems you will ever read.  You will never again own a more redeeming work of art.  If you have never before prayed to the Heavens you certainly will after reading the words written by the mastery of Yorktown Disciple.  You will pray to the god of your choice;  you will ask for understanding and learn to dance on the head of a pin just to keep your mind sharp.  An erotic chill will then flow through your corruptible nature but goodness will overwhelm your enlarging soul and all mankind will benefit from your inspiration and emotional control. 

Don't procrastinate, click the button now.  The more you read the less important monetary gain becomes.  All worries begin to subside....oh, what a blessing.
These poems and spiritual stories of sharply endowed wonder will split your mind like an ax splitting a log.  You will never again view yourself as an entire tree but rather as a universal metaphor known to lost Spirits as a toothpick.  You will spill your disposition unto the world as if to wash away sin left over from eating large ecumenical meals every time your divine hunger drives you into complete spastic chaos.  You will be ashamed, repentant, dusty, and eager to ask for help.  You will yearn to read more.  You will cry out for knowledge you never thought could possibly be known except by God.  Your psyche will be shattered over the floor of confusion like rolling marbles and walking toward the light of humanity will leave you strewn across the earth's dried mantel of bread once kneaded by the hands of the Creator.

Yorktown Disciple's writing may even give you the power to float across rivers of selfishness and attain self respect capable of sucking the life from your enemies and filling you with omnipotence immersed in unmolested harmony.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  Soul shattering transformation doesn't happen often.  Read these poems.  Taste the satisfaction of conquering moral discipline while indulging your ego with the harvest of  intelligible thoughts. You will forever more be able to sow seeds of new ideas enabling others to prosper.

These poems are not tucked into books lying under dust on a shelf.  They are framed in lasting artwork you can view and read every day.  If a picture is worth a thousand words then these words will produce mind humbling spacious replicas of logical motion constructed through immortal introspection.  Your essence will engulf eternity.
Yorktown Disciple is an expert poet.  His proverbial engine is lubricated with synthetic verses able to function under extreme heat and pressure of mind calisthenics . 

He burns very high octane induced reason filtered by logic that explodes into fiery thoughts melting the pavement of ideas for miles around. 

He would become a danger to himself and to others if his honed wit were unable to channel the expressions only God can manage to assemble on a good day. 

Enjoy his work, but be careful not to be completely crushed by the weight of overwhelming goodness.
Framing Eternity one verse at a time
Yorktown Disciple served onboard the USS Yorktown (CVS-10) as the Vietnam War was escalating.  They were on patrol in the South China Sea when the Gulf Of Tonkin incident took place.  In fact, they were on their way for some R & R heading up to Japan when word came that American ships were being fired upon. 

To this day he thought the Captain was going to tip the ship over when he made a hard U-turn and headed back into the Gulf.  Everyone was battle ready and as he tells the story they were looking for a good fight.  Ha!  The North Vietnamese couldn't fight on the water.  In fact, to this day Yorktown Disciple believes the North Vietnamese couldn't even swim. 

The War was a a terrible loss because of the way it was managed.  The top levels of Government should have absolutely been swept clean. Yorktown Disciple hoped a great lesson could have been learned.  But he believes there is no evidence to support this notion. 

God Bless America even when it is run by fools.
Yorktown Disciple is truly  an  aphoristic wordsmith of the first order.  We offer just a sampling of this vibrant verse generator's prose mixed with unique and delightful gifts you can purchase for you or someone dear to your heart. 

Please feel free to check out all the bountiful reading and the word and verse gift packages offered on this page and all other pages.  Check the Product List on this page and just click to visit.  Thank you again for being here.

If you wish to learn more about Yorktown Disciple you will find evidence of his history beginning on page 1.  He is unlike anyone you know today.  In another life his best friend  was the memorable Nostradamus.  It is our understanding that he lived just down the street during those years the Nostradamus Quatrains were being written. 

Even today, Yorktown Disciple loves writing Quatrains of his own but realizes the futility in competing for tomorrows forecast. In fact, if you mention any of this to Yorktown Disciple he keeps mumbling something about pestilence and political malfeasance profiting from the peasants who continually press for more taxation and a bout with the castration of freedom. 

Now, we're not positive what he means, but the graphics lead one to believe nothing good can come of this. 

So, read your way around this site.  You might learn something that could surprise you. It is not a taxing experience.  Truly, it is up lifting.

Enjoy your visit. The Editors
The Editors:

Yorktown Disciple did not fly jets onboard the USS Yorktown.  However, he does hold a pilots license which he received from Charlie McAllister of McAllister Aviation in 1966. McAllister School of Flying was established in 1926!

For those of you who do not know who Charlie McAllister was, shame on you.  Charlie is a legend in Yakima, Washington. Charlie had over 20,000 hours of flight time when Yorktown Disciple knew him. 
Charlie's flight instructor was Orville Wright.  Yes, THE Orville Wright of the famous brothers. 

Charlie was in his late sixties at this time.  He was an old school pilot in many ways and was very strict with his students.  But his toughness is what made him good. Even pilots would fly with anyone who received instruction from Charlie. (A little aviation scoop.  Most pilots do not like to fly with  many of their pilot friends.  They are not trust worthy). This according to Yorktown Disciple.
The Flying Poet
Know thy Poet
USS Yorktown CVS 10
The making of a Poet.  Now, in one place, you can learn everything there is to know about Yorktown Disciple.  Knowing your Poet made easy.  Relax.  Read how God creates fascinating minds
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Yorktown Disciple
Here is where it all started!  View over the Fan Tail of the USS Yorktown in the South China Sea in 1964

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