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Metrical writing - lost - gained.  Sometimes.  Is there 

something to be learned?

Words to digest.  Ideas to express. Freedom of printed

emotion.  Explanation of devotion.  There is a place

you can go, to move from despair.  It may be found

in a poem.  A verse.  A Quatrain. Or in the air.

Why Poetry?  Why not the dullness of words strewn

together for the sake of expressing a simple or

complex thought.  You can find this word gathering

everywhere.  But poetry, not so easy - Not found just

anywhere - So few good poets lounging around,

writing, while burping up great thought.  Searching

for good poetry is more difficult than moon walking

in the dark.

There must be more to our reading experience.

Enter - poetry.  Wordsmithing.  A soothing slap on

the cheek with a simple word full of perfume.  Can

you smell it?  Awe, do it again.  Slap me with the

scent of a horse drawn carriage.  Or perhaps you

can pull my ears until I no longer hear the sounds of

your last tweet.  Go away, give me poetry or give me

the death of plain words.

Poems, heavy in foreboding sarcasm. Poems,

satirical stories.  But always soothing and easy to

absorb and splendid to import.

Poetry - rhyme, cadence, imaginative awareness,

language chosen for its sound, meaning and rhythm.

This is dictionary terminology.  It helps but falls far

short of a poet's expression of laying words end to

end in order to accomplish horrifying drivel to

exalted inspiration.

Can you rope poetry?  Yes you can, but you must use

a lasso made form syllogistic syllables.  Not easy

when you are riding horse bucking language carved

from the articulated hoofs stomping at the base of

inverted vowels.  But fun, none the less.

Yorktown Disciple