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I was a contorted leaf
Hanging high in a tree.
An unborn fetus in a womb
Waiting to be unholy and free.

Alas, there came a gentle breeze
And my journey did begin,
I began to float to the earth
Guided by laws of God and Sin.

Soon, I contrived a sail;
Learned to sway to and fro.
With the aid of a rudder
Managed to soar divinely low.

Quickly, the earth grew nigh,
I scrambled in search of God.
I thought He would create a wind
To suck me up away from the sod.

Soon the force of Mercy
Lifted me toward the skies.
I was convinced my inventions
Would keep my invidious disguise.

It was as if science
Refuted all of Nature's laws.
And I could control my falling
Making my Will as free as my jaws.

But again, the Earth drew nearer
and all Mankind could not stop,
That lonely little leaf
From its long, long drop.

Yorktown disciple

Yorktown Disciple Saint of Mystical Verse!
USS Yorktown (CVS-10)
1964 - 1966
Perceptive Publishing
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I spent my youth as though
it were existential coinage.
I listened with only one ear.

I painted fences of deceit
around those I disliked.

I gathered up a mixture
of unadulterated
spinal fluid from those
with no moral backbone.

I was selfish and impossible.
I grew older without trying.

My coinage is gone and all
that is left is the sober belief
tomorrow will bring
enlightenment once promised
to me by old people.

I was sold out, to be sure, by
half wits and their drunken

I now have to face spaghetti
filled angels without an
appetite for any encrusted
desire to do my righteous duty-
to forgive those who were
too ignorant to pull me from
the empyreal darkness
they could not see.

Yorktown Disciple
mesmerizing sin
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A Poet's pestilent, propone, proverbs stand alone even when no one is around to hear them!
The Editor's note:

Read this poem when you're feeling down and out.  It will bring life to your soul. 

This poem no doubt was written using a true poet's license.  It is absolutely a trait found in many of Yorktown Disciple's writings that make them very unique, smooth, and thoroughly enjoyable. 

Go ahead, read it again and again.  Each time another meaning or sound, or rhythmical cadence will jump out at you. 

This is a poem that will be around hundreds of years from now and many, many lives will be touched. 
Yorktown Disciple served onboard the USS Yorktown (CVS-10) as the Vietnam War was escalating.  They were on patrol in the South China Sea when the Gulf Of Tonkin incident took place.  In fact, they were on their way for some R & R heading up to Japan when word came that American ships were being fired upon. 

To this day he thought the Captain was going to tip the ship over when he made a hard U-turn and headed back into the Gulf.  Everyone was battle ready and as he tells the story they were looking for a good fight.  Ha!  The North Vietnamese couldn't fight on the water.  In fact, to this day Yorktown Disciple believes the North Vietnamese couldn't even swim. 

The War was a a terrible loss because of the way it was managed.  The top levels of Government should have absolutely been swept clean. Yorktown Disciple hoped a great lesson could have been learned.  But he believes there is no evidence to support this notion. 

God Bless America even when it is run by fools.
The Editors
While serving onboard the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown Disciple used to give Poetry readings from time to time.  We find this hard to believe since he was only 20 years old.  But then again, once you read some of his works, you too will be astonished.

Snow Goose

There was


breath from

cosmic lords

dwelling upon

the face of

your desire


sprawling across

my mind before

we ever touched.

Yorktown Disciple

From "Dandisciple,
Enlightenment Of
The Reincarnate"
The Editors

These two poems are from (Dandisciple, Enlightenment Of The Reincarnate"
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The Enlightenment Of The Reincarnate
Branta Canadensis

     An Epic Tale
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Poem Hunting with a lance from Knighthood
Let me cling to the backs of free men,
Let me cry on the souls of slaves.
Give me courage to stand up to tryanny,
And fight foolishness until my flesh decays!
Yorkkown Disciple
From Dandisciple

May the glow from this earth cast our shadows upon the Universe, and may the Universe listen to the darkness.

(Thus speaketh Lord of attitudes)

Yorktown Disciple
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1964 - 1966
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