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Full Jar

We threw a full jar of eukaryotic
infested brain waves out the window
of the car.  It was not our intention
to litter the landscape - but to keep
us safe against contemptuous
thoughts - in case the jar broke.

We are travelers of old truth.
We are children of the past -
destined to forge the future in
our image, We are tested.
We are ephemeral, We stapled
misery to the cross of innocence
with the power of simple logic -
and reason.

We planted our harvests with
machinery of honed reverence, a
marvel of our ingenuity.

We are seekers of medicinal care
from projected thoughts and not from
witch doctors.

We can't help but know that amid all
the famine and disease that still
plagues humanity - we have found
a way out - if not for only the few.
The few that seek

Yorktown Disciple
Empty Jar

We packed our fate in a jar
we found lying beside the road.

We were hoping to seal our
destiny before the next rainstorm
drenched our bedraggled clothing.

We weren't dry idealists, we were
spiritually impoverished travelers
eager to find the face of illusion on
a broiled humanitarian. Someone
wanting to save mother earth,

What we found instead, was a
whiskey imperiled hobo traveling
with an irreverent compass trying
to direct his bleeding madness.

It was our day of fortune. We were
comforted knowing we weren't

Yorktown Disciple
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