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Personalized Quatrain on Dibond Invective Plastron                                        
Cheri D. Andersen wrote: Recently I found out my husband has been cheating on me at work.  Please, send me a Quatrain to help alleviate the pain. Thanks,
Cheri D. Anderson
Lustrous chemical word bonding for personal satisfaction
The Editors

We all have personal trials.  Sometimes triumphs.  These times should be placed on a hard metal surface for eternity. 

Now you can do just that.  The Editors want to hear from you.  Yes, let us know your pain, your excitement.  It doesn't matter. 

We will pass it on and let the great Poet Yorktown Disciple interpret the results.  You will be thrilled.  No one can decipher our modern day tribulations better. 

Once finished.  We will have these lasting words screen painted onto the aluminum composite shown here.  These words will endure indoors or outdoors.  Your name will be emblazoned on this Quatrain for the world to see.  Let your vanity be your guide.

Write us today.  For just pennies you can become a commander of the English language and thrust your brilliance upon the inevitable passer by.
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Yorktown Disciple,
Saint of Cryptic Verse
USS Yorktown CVS 10
Tell us your story.  A Quatrain can be personalized just like the one Yorktown Disciple did for Cheri!   Order today.  Quatrains have never been this cheap!

The Editors

What is a Dibond Invective Plastron?

This Dibond plate being offered on this site is a durable aluminum composite material- two strong sheets of .012 aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. 

Alcan Composites, USA Inc., offers this new composite.  This material finish has polyester clear-coat applied over the brushed aluminum finish. 

Protective masking comes standard, applied to the brushed aluminum side of sheet.  It has an excellent smooth surface enabling precise screen printing.  Material is very rigid.  Excellent weather resistance and very light weight. 

Your Quatrain will last indoors or outdoors for a very long time.  This art work is resistant not only to the weather but to your friends as well.  They will be able to throw fresh eggs at your poem if they do not like it and it will not hurt it.  You simply wash it off and read it again. 

Makes a perfect gift.  Truly, it is a gift of perfection.
Comes with an attachable hook so you can hang it on a wall.  Wow! Looks like a million bucks!
1/8" Thermoplastic Composite -Aluminum each side

Durable -

Impervious to weather or your crude friends.  Hard to damage.  A Quatrain to last a lifetime!
Dibond Invective Plastron
The only personalized Quatrains anywhere.
Get to know
Yorktown Disciple.
Visit for a few minutes and get to
know  America's Unparagoned
Poet .  Check out the following information. You will be pleased
with what you find.

Renewed Reverence
Who Is Yorktown Disciple

Ecumenical Meals

Proverbial Engine
A Poet of Phantasmagoric Prose

The Wiliest Poet

The Flying Poet

Hunting submarines from the USS Yorktown 1965
Securing words one aluminum shield at a time
Eminent Poet
Melded words
An olio of thoughts to create one perfect idea
Stratified thoughts
Order of Iszlerian Scripters
Yorktown Disciple, a Poet standing his words on promontory points of interest
We at Perceptive Publishing wish to make your life as fulfilling as possible.  Be sure to have your Quatrain personalized so you can enjoy it every day. 

Also makes a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to see their name in print.

Be sure to check out other PoemArt on this site.  Read the poems, the odes and view the Yorktown photos where Yorktown Disciple began his illustrious writing career.
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Rapacious word scavaging

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It Was A Gravel Road
More Submarine Hunters Hunting Poems
The Editors: 

Remember, the Dibond Invective Plastron makes a great gift and looks very rich.  It will accommodate any art work you might already have hanging on your wall.  It will last for a very long time. It will be there at your estate sale!
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The Denudation of Poetry
Poetry Plucking
The Editors:

Aluminum Quatrains. Verses guided by the right mixture of ore (igneous rock, shale and clay).  Words that will stand up to bad weather. Never has there been a better display  of thought.  Indestructible. Lasting. Unbending. Truly a display of man's ability to create material wealth.  Material, as in physical.  Touchable.  Monumental.  Not as in greedy.  Here is an item you can be proud to own.  You can even put it on the side of your house and watch your neighbors smile.  It will not rust.  There is nothing worse than words that rust.  These words written by
Yorktown Disciple will not decay.  Glory be to Aluminum thought!     
These guys were trying to take off when someone grabbed the aircraft and pulled them to the side.  It was an embarrassing moment.
If you look closely you can see a poem on the end of one of the rotors.
Quatrains To Quell Literary Quagmires
One in a million sailors write like this
Poems to make your mind bleed.

Poems to make your heart suffocate
Poems to make you stretch your mind around an inflated sack filled with marsh mellows of simple happiness.

Pull them from the fire quickly and eat them while they're

When boys were men and ships were steel.

When I was young and today wasn't real.
We offer Coffee Mugs with Verse.  Margarita Glasses and Beer Mugs. Also, framed poetry.  All from the mind of Yorktown Disciple, an unmatched Mental Giant. A Poet who can rope words while riding a ship on the waves or horse on the plains.  He can straddle and hog tie verses in less than eight seconds without bending over or hurting a single letter.  What a joy to watch!
Purchase PoemArt today.  If you can't live the American dream - dream like an American!

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Poetry to Pacify Potential Purification of Prose
1965 - 1966 we sailed the ocean blue
USS Yorktown with USS Mars - 1965
All photographs from USS Yorktown Circa 1965
A mermaid
Order of Iszlerian Scripters
Amalgamated Poetry for your pleasure.
Personalized Quatrains Quenching Quivering  Quotations Quickly and Quietly
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Quatrains Exposed
Edulcorating Poetry - keeping poetry acid free!
Poems infected with atmospheric heroism
Poems-mer-maid shadow the Yorktown as she leaves port
Remember:  This is Cheri's Quatrain.  Yours will be unique!
Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain Enchanter
The Yorktown Mermaid followed the ship thousands of miles.  Little is known about her.  In fact, the crew never spoke of her.  It was as if she was in the minds of the sailors and no where else.
Poetizing the world over!
A Quatrain you don't want to miss!
It's called Row-Day-Whoa Poem Writing   (Poet Sailors who  grew up riding horses).
Off the coast of "Nam"
The Pen is really not mightier than the Sword.  We just like the cleverness of it.  It also makes us believe the "ball point" was a major invention. In reality, very few people can change the lives of others with the Pen.  But anyone can change the life of others with a Sword.  Yorktown Disciple is one such Poet who can, with the stroke of a pen, change many lives forever.  However, he still has a sword for back up.

Order first.  Second: Leave your comments. Thank you.
Trying to fly without wings
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