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Order 185
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Poemart 27 - Sonnet - Spanking Love - Yorktown Disciple
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Sonnet Spanking Love Beauty, behold your lips so gracefully flush with expectation, Smile, so satisfying, mildly resting on insipid words I can't spell, Yet, when you put my mind at ease,I fail to yield to your smell. And thrills, I spend my days searching in sumptuous exasperation. Rapture does not explain the affection at the bottom of my soul, Soaring excitement elevates some of what I often feel, God knows the torment raging in me, due to your fervid appeal. I will stay pastoral when you place your glance upon love's goal. Oh, you are the dearest to me, an angel, so blessed without travail, Gleaming in your face, exclusive bounty of wanton lust, Scatters my mind on jagged shoals, turning rock into dust. Nothing left to grab or steal, as my longing begins to soar and sail. So, kiss me trifle, kiss me hard, fill my desire with untold splendor And I will give back to you, all that I have, lovingly and so tender. Yorktown Disciple