Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple
Heading to San Francisco
Mysticman - Pages of Misery - Poem Code 4G
gold parchment - celestial motion
Propheticman - Ivory Parchment
blue parchment - no sketch
Etch De Barren
A mountain of soul

The Editors
Editors Note:  Possibly, the most profound poem ever written!!!!!  It will positively slap your ears together!
Cursed be Death that drives ellumination!
Framing Eternity one verse at a time
Perceptive Publishing
Don't let strangers cloud your thinking.
To find peace in your heart you need to combine Poem Art with the hand that feeds you
The Original Wonderer Of Time
The Editors:  A poem for your pure reading pleasure as you contemplate which Poem Code to purchase.
   Categories & Poem Codes 


1A   Rhythm & The Rhyme**
1B   Taste Chocolate Cold
1C   A Long time Ago
1D   Time Traveler
1E   Stripper
1F   Eggshell Homicide
1G  Angel's Curse
1H  The Tower
1I    Particular Mold
1J   Hangnail Crest
1K  Warms the Cold


2A  Loving
2B  Remembering
2C  Rails Of Love**
2D  Flesh Runneth Over**
2E  Sanctification
2F  These Moments
2G  Your Shadow
2H  Solitude Of Thy Self
2I   Destiny
2J  Farmer Of Wisdom
2K Sailor Who Couldn't Weep
2L  Snow Goose


3A   More Religion
3B   Spiritual Wheat Fields**
3C   Image
3D   Mind On The Moment
3E   My Very Nature
3F   Meadow Of Purpose
3G   Impulse
3H   If
3I    Prayer
3J   Becoming
3K  Riding The Waves
3L  Ode To Salvation


4A   America/Long Haired Soldier
4B   Death To Camillio Torres
4C   Freedom
4D   The Politician
4E   There
4F   Oppressed
4G   Pages of Misery
4H   Heart of Sand
4I    Show No Anger

  Categories & Poem Codes

Each mounted poem comes with short autobiography of Yorktown Disciple attached to reverse side of frame with matching poem code numbers stamped on lower right side of poem.  Both signed.  DO NOT SEPARATE.  VALUE WILL DECREASE!
Yorktown Disciple Saint of Mystical Verse!
The Perspicacious Poet
A garden of poetry, a poem of flowers
Poem code
Gold Parchment
Blue Parchment
Ivory Parchment
Item A: 5" x 7"
Item B: 8" x 10"
Item C: 5" x 7"
Item D: 8" x 10"
Item A: Overall Size 7" x 9"
Item B: Overall Size 10" x 12"
Item C: Overall size 7" x 9"
Item D: Overal Size 10" x 12"
Item F: 5" x 7"
Item G: 8" x 10"
Item F: Overall Size 7" x 9"
Item G: Overall Size 10" x 12"
Item H: Overall Size 7" x 9"
Item J: Overall Size 10" x 12"
Item H: 5" x 7"
Item J: 8" x 10"
White Parchment
Poem Code Itentifier
Poem Code Itentifier
Poem Code Itentifier
Poem cade 3G
Poem Code 3G
Poem Code Itentifier
Embossed Seal from the Library of Yorktown Disciple certifying original Poem Art
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Poemart 3
Poetry Sealed
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** Rated the best by The Editors
Poem Code
Perceptive Publishing
Perceptive Publishing is a family owned business of German descendants.  We are exclusive publishers of all writings of Yorktown Disciple. Our goal is to provide you with lasting works of art that encompass poetry at its core.  We truly hope you take advantage of these offerings and enjoy these memorable verses for many years to come. Share them with those you love.    When you hang PoemArt on the wall or display it on a table top, it is there for everyone to enjoy. Order your verse today.

You need to read this poem.  The cadence will make you long for harmony.
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Pure Prose:
Indelible allegory
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Dandisciple by Yorktown Disciple.   Not available until June 2011

A famous signature can be yours!

Fighting Radical
Leadership One
Feather At A Time
44 Poem Titles !
4 Background styles !
2 Sizes !
Feel wisdom blow through your mind like wind threw a cemetery of dead ideas.  Exceptional poetry can suddenly bring you to life!
Old Indian
Cheap glasses for reading expensive poetry
Someone is looking out for you!
 I Knew I Had A Purpose For Searching!
If you have a mountain too
high to climb- read a poem.
Signed            Embossed Library Seal     Poem Code      Your Name      Cauterizing Verse        Beautiful Wood Frame          Chronicled Certification
Editor's Note:

Yorktown Disciple lived in the Northwest for many years.  He has told us about mountain hiking, camping, forging.  There is probably little doubt he has actually met a werewolf.  And if he did, he would have made a friend!
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Poem for old hippies!
Note:  Yorktown Disciple does not appear in pubic nor does he accept speaking engagements.  Thank You.
Poem Code 4G
Add some style to your life.  PoemArt signifies you have finally found aesthetic sensitivity. You will be pleased with yourself!
The Carter years
The Abstruse Yorktown Disciple
Poems. Poetry, Prose, Proverbs, Verses, Sonnets, Ballads, Quatrains, Lyrics, Sagas, Tales, Aphorisms, Epics, Odes. Fables, Parables, Allegories, Metaphors, Homologous Correspondence, More
Etch De Barren
In 1980 Yorktown Disciple wrote an epic entitled Dandisciple.  This is a short saga. This fabled essay was originally sold for publication to Oak Tree Publication. But before Oak Tree published this work the company was sold to another publisher.  The literary work was never published and the contract became null and void.  Therefore, we can offer you this fabulously indelible allegory for a small monetary fee.  This is a narrative about a Canadian goose who goes to war with terrestrial hunters and eventually becomes a leader of millions by learning how to fight bullet with feather.  He transforms the way in which geese travel  up and down the West Coast.

How does he do it?  With enlightenment on his side and a strategy of flying that will enthrall you.  And amazingly you will be able to follow all his thoughts because he thinks in prophetic prose.  Indeed, you have never known a feathered fowl like this.  You will fall in love with him with a tempting urge to stroke his chest and when you are finished reading this tale of a puissant vanquisher you will be blessed for years to come.  And quite probably you will want to learn to fly!  This book has a beautiful poem at the end of each chapter. These are absolutely magnificent poems!!!  Just the poems alone are worth the price of admission. 

This is a must read! This treatise will cleanse your ego of unadulterated piggery and purify your incoherent thoughts for years to come.  This is masterfully written with prose that will curl your toes and help you clear your imprudent disposition of haze and other intractable contaminants.  Don't let this remarkable parable slip through your life for only you will be the worse for never having known the wonders of Dandisciple. Sadness will engulf you when you find out from someone else what you have missed.  This is curl up by the fire reading.  Buy two books and give one to a friend. This is the kind of book you will keep in your own library for years.  Hard bound with pictures, sketches & poems.

Published by Perceptive Publishing
USS Yorktown (CVS-10)
Signed by fate!
When the doors to Heaven open up I'll be the first one to apply for a duplicate key!
The Editors:

We work very hard to satisfy our customers.  This artistic ensemble will glorify your goodness.
Poems to forge character atonement
The old Indian just stood there as I jerked the arrow from my stomach with the disposition of a graceful butcher.  And as I died, I ask him with tear-stained syllables falling from my miserable grammar if he would place a feather upon my grave.
Pigmented gas

It leads to
violent death
and peevish
heavens led
by cold
organic gods
who skipped
their lessons
on grace and
Mephitic Gas
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Poem Plastron!!
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Yorktown Disciple
Low, as I walk through the Valley of my shadow, I fear no Evil, only myself!

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