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   Prayer of a Time Traveler

  My immortal composition
  lies light years away from
  whence my journey began..

  It mercilessly travels a
  linear path past distant
  stars imperiled by the
  gravity of impoverished

  These are the stars that
  threaten kindhearted
  immunity from beveled
  piety; from shame of
  irrelevant light emitting,
  organized rays of hope
  and love.

  I ask of you, oh Lord, to
  accurately compute my
  trajectory that will place
  me at your knee, and allow
  me to partake of your
  communion of charitable

  Please. accord my
  insignificant substance
  to matter when face to
  face with spiritual sacrifice.

  Let me discover the way
  back to myself and be
  bountifully blessed when
  I do.

  Yorktown Disciple

Yorktown Disciple can pulverize poems into prophetic phrases even in the daylight!

At night he turns wine into prose.

Glory to the grapes crushed into inspiration!

Do not drink without an adult who can read poetry!
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Sprockets of Drivel

He walked with a writhe limp,
The old man.
He talked with a cigarette rasp,
The old man.
He cursed when pain struck,
The old man.
He captured emotional stones,
The old man.
He whispered into elbow shadows,
The old man.
He scraped together guitar strung
The old man.
He blessed his fat laced meals,
The old man.
He prayed foul sprockets of drivel,
The old man.
He twisted his caboodled logic,
The old man.
Then one day he smiled and died,
The old man.
And I was lost

Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
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Sprockets of Drivel
USS Yorktown (CVS 10)
1964 - 1966
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1A   Rhythm & The Rhyme**
1B   Taste Chocolate Cold
1C   A Long time Ago
1D   Time Traveler
1E   Stripper
1F   Eggshell Homicide
1G  Angel's Curse
1H  The Tower
1I    Particular Mold
1J   Hangnail Crest
1K  Warms the Cold


2A  Loving
2B  Remembering
2C  Rails Of Love**
2D  Flesh Runneth Over**
2E  Sanctification
2F  These Moments
2G  Your Shadow
2H  Solitude Of Thy Self
2I   Destiny
2J  Farmer Of Wisdom
2K Sailor Who Couldn't Weep
2L  Snow Goose


3A   More Religion
3B   Spiritual Wheat Fields**
3C   Image
3D   Mind On The Moment
3E   My Very Nature
3F   Meadow Of Purpose
3G   Impulse
3H   If
3I    Prayer
3J   Becoming
3K  Riding The Waves
3L  Ode To Salvation


4A   America/Long Haired Soldier
4B   Death To Camillio Torres
4C   Freedom
4D   The Politician
4E   There
4F   Oppressed
4G   Pages of Misery
4H   Heart of Sand
4I    Show No Anger

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