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The Editors believe that over time these poems and articles of wonder will become a collector's bonanza but of course there are no guarantees. 

With your name and Author's signature on each poem these will make for great heirlooms to pass down to your kids. 

Time will not erode the message.  The glass surface over the poems will keep the words fresh.  No copy will be exactly alike.

These verses also come with a small individually embossed library seal to certify authenticity. Poems are printed on gold parchment paper over an artist's sketch of planetary motion.  Or ivory parchment with Prophetic Man sketch or blue parchment with no sketch. Or you can have your favorite poem printed over a rendering of Mystic Man.

No poems on the market offer all these unique qualities making this a decorator's dream.  You will feel richer for reading it and your home will be more exquisite for displaying it!
Remember:  Full Money back Guarantee.

Remember, we have a very large selection of original poems.  Not all of them rhyme.  Not all of them slide easily over the tongue -  some slide under.  We know you will be pleased since every poem written by Yorktown Disciple is a magnum opus.  I'm sure you're asking how do you know?  You don't.  But the Editors know.  We are slices of a very resplendent metaphysical pie once baked in an oven by the hand of Universal Spirits.  Order any one of these works today and fill your life with treasure.  Eat from the pie of knowledge,  See if your thoughts can keep pace with absolute transcendental excellence.  You owe it to yourself to try.  You must let Yorktown Disciple ferret out sovereign truth to bless your intellect.  You will be forever grateful.
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Yorktown Disciple
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Purchase a poem today and change your fundamental understanding of  creation.  You will soar to apocalyptic heights of mental discernment with truth tucked under your wings of cherished convictions learned from the shared, felicitous words of Yorktown Disciple.  Pure inspiration will course through your veins and you will yearn to kiss logic as if passion were your only guide.  Your life will never be a carbon copy of yesterday's darkness and you will be a light unto the world forever and ever.
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The Tower
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Rails of Love  **
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Yorktown Disciple has written hundreds of poems over many years.  The poems being offered today are just a few of the best.  The Editors have carefully chosen these verses and are confident you will be more than pleased.  Read well!
Poets are rarely buffaloed
Poets have been hunted to near extinction!
Presented as a sampler by The Editors -  Remember, all poems that are purchased are soul shattering eclectic endurance track meets.
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When the light of Holy
Rapture speeds to the earth,
and men of crudely infused
    atoms stir the pot of
selfishness taking up arms
   against apposing ideas -
        faith matters.
Suddenly trust in epicurean
sin cannot override the wailing
sounds of cowards and thieves.
The blood of the Almighty
washes quiescent rust from the
  unbeliever and monastic
   hurricanes cut selfish
thoughts from the stubborn
mind. Alas, pages of misery
are ripped from the substance
of sinners and darkness hides
   the smug,splintered fool.
    Only prayer remains.

      Yorktown Disciple
The Original Wonderer Of Time

Poem Code 4G
Wide selection of poems
Order Mystic Man  with your choice of poem at bottom of page.
Your name inscribed here
Poem Code
Vivaldi Lettering over background
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Walnut (wood) Frame with glass face
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Cauterizing Poetry by a Flaming Mind
When darkness surrounds you and thoughts from the past make you begin to quietly weep, read this poem (Pages Of Mercy) and smell the richness of life oozing out of each word, each verse. Your tears will drip to the floor like tiny menacing hellions and the night will lock you away until the sun peeks into your heart. Oh, won't you peek for me.
The shape of your soul
Intoxicating Poetry -
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All Poem Art is printed on parchment paper and glued onto cardboard backing for durability and to insure the face of the art work remains ridged and flat.  All framed pieces are sandwiched between glass and holder. Library Seal is Embossed before mounting. Separate Poem Code with short autobiography along with Signature are laminated on small sticker and attached to back of frame.  Poem Code is also printed on the front. Poem is then sealed within the framed unit. This is to chronicle certification of originality.   This magnificent Poem Art is carefully crafted to last for a very long time and is subjected to very high quality control to insure a product you will enjoy for many years.

Poem Art is hand crafted by meticulous fingers.  The poetry is unselfishly churned from the singular mind of Yorktown Disciple dubbed the Original Wonderer of Time by fellow sailors so many years ago and so far away. (Please return your Poem Art if it is not properly certified).  We will replace it.  Remember, all colors are even more vivid than shown here.

During the crafting of these miracles of poetry they are sent up to the attic to be signed by
Yorktown Disciple.  Actually, like Santa, he comes down into the work shop to inspect on special occasions. The elf-like Editors are always looking for praise.  It rarely comes.  But your happiness makes up for all the hard work we do.

You will not be disappointed in your unique Poem Art.  You will dance with delight and possibly over eat for a day or two after first receiving it.  You can hang this art work in your two hundred dollar bungalow or in your twenty million dollar mansion.  It will look as though it belongs.  And every time you pass by, you will read the verses, say a quick prayer and push on with your day with just a little more zeal. 

Glory to
Yorktown Disciple and to a universally challenged God who created him.
Read these pages carefully - get the full story.
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The Original Wonderer Of Time
Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple -Saint of Mystical Verse
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and the alphabet paves the way for a fee!
Poem Code 4F
Death Of Freedom
Scripting the future through poetry
Make a cup of coffee from Holy Water. Read poetry. Sin no more.
The Editors:

Math to read.

Poems for everyone. Qualmish. Platonic.  Cerebral. Satirical. Obtuse. Despotic. Passive.  Erotic.  Romantic. Sagacious. And more.
Home On The Realm
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Beyond description
**Rated the best by the Editors
Embossed Library Seal
Pages Of Misery
Satisfaction guaranteed
A poem for the mathematically challenged.
Poetry for folks who wish to learn and enjoy  rhythmical composition, metrical form and the manifestation of prose or imagination.
Poems for Everyone. Qualmish, Platonic, Cerebral, Satirical, Obtuse, Despotic, Passive, Erotic, Romantic, Sagacious. And more.
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Framed Art
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Atomizing Freedom
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Walnut (wood) Frame with glass face
Your name inscribed here
Chronicled Certification on reverse
Ivory Parchment
Vivaldi Lettering over sketch
Cauterizing Poetry by a Flaming Mind
Poem Code
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Poem Code 3G
Prophetic Man
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USS Yorktown (CVS-10)
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Free Coffee Mug with Yorktown Disciple Inscription
Like Scripture, these poems by Yorktown Disciple will graciously liquefy your heart;  consecrate your soul and mend your mind. 

Emotion will flood your life with pure rapture.  You will crave to wrap your arms around someone smooth and sensual.  Without reverence, you will try and lust up to crush all glory to mankind but prudent justice will prevent your foolish actions while tears burst from your eyes like rain on fertile soil.  But these writings give you veneration. 

These are by far some of the most powerful poems you will ever read.  You will never again own a more redeeming work of art.  If you have never before prayed to the Heavens you certainly will after reading the words written by the mastery of Yorktown Disciple

You will pray to the god of your choice;  you will ask for understanding and learn to dance on the head of a pin just to keep your mind sharp.  An erotic chill will then flow through your corruptible nature but goodness will overwhelm your enlarging soul and all mankind will benefit from your inspiration and emotional control. 

Don't procrastinate, click the button now.  The more you read the less important monetary gain becomes.  All worries begin to subside....oh, what a blessing.
Far more than words in a frame! Read why?

Giant Thoughts Preserved In A Beautiful Frame!!
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