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Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain Supermarket

You have taken the first step into the most amazing poem superstore you have ever entered.  Don't be scared.  This is a very friendly site. 

What we offer:

Quatrains on every subject matter on the planet.  There is no other collection of Quatrains anywhere in the world.  We wish you would take your time and do not be intimidated.  Read with care.

All quatrains are written by America's Premier Quatrain Poet, Yorktown Disciple.  America's Word Genius.  A slayer of consonants and vowels,

Almost all the poems on this site can be purchased on a Poem Plastron.  Others can be purchased mounted in picture frames.  All poems are available to read free of charge, right here.  We wish to enlighten your life.  We do not track you.  Spend as much time on this site as you wish.

You may purchase your own poem on a Poem Plastron if you wish.  Or, you may have a personalized poem written just for you.  We do it all.

You also have a chance to enter our unique poem treasure hunt.  All you need to do is find a single line from a selected poem  Go ahead. Go to Treasure Hunt.  You can have hours of fun. 

We also offer many other features unrelated to poetry, such as the weather, the news, games, oil prices, gold prices, and the stock market.  We want you to feel at home.  Have fun.  Put the Yorktown Disciple App on your browser and let this poet be your best friend. 

Navigating the Yorktown Disciple Quatrain Supermarket is easy. Just punch a button at the top. Go. You will be tickled. You will be excited.  You will find hours of fun on the world's most colorful Poem Site.

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