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Find just one line from a poem written by Yorktown Disciple and receive a check for 10 dollars and your name will be added to the Department Homeland Poetry Protection Poet List.    

You read that correctly.  10 dollars is yours if you can name the title of the poem from whence this line appears. 
Here is the line:    Temperatures based on nipples of rapture begging out loud.
What is the poem Title? _______________________________________________
How many Poems did you read to find this line?________________

This title is worth 10 dollars American money.  Your name Added to the Department of Homeland Poetry Protection.
Easy money.  Can you read?  If so, all you need to do is start reading Poems and Quatrains by Yorktown Disciple and you can earn $10 .  It doesn't get any easier than that.  And you will have the added benefit of discovering some of the most outrageous poetry ever written. This is one stone and two birds!
Poetry Treasure Hunt Official Rules:

1.  When a line is discovered by a reader a new line is introduced.
2.  You may only claim one reward per Title. Max three titles Per individual
3.  You must fill out all pertinent information including your E-mail Address.
4.  You must enter the correct Title/ #Poems Read
5.  You do not have to purchase any products to become a reader of Yorktown Disciple.
6.  Any use of electronic means to find the hidden line will disqualify any entry.
7.  You must indicate how many poems you read before you discovered the hidden line.
8.  Hidden Treasure line is changed Weekly
9.  Only one treasure hunter per line.  First E-mail received. All others do not qualify.
10. This is not a contest. This is a Poetry Treasure Hunt. Find the line, receive cash.
     Have your name put on America's Premier Poet Official Website. Simple.
11. Answer to Weekly Treasure Hunt will be listed on Department of Homeland Poetry Protection
Poetry Treasure Hunt 
Find the hidden line.
Please fill out all information required.
Remember:  Poem Title with a number to indicate how many poems you had to read before your found the hidden line.  Must be included!
Your E-Mail is never given out to anyone for any purpose.

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The Editors:
Quatrain of Mathematics

Science of structure and order. Counting,
measuring and descriptions of objects.

Quantitative and quiet, the measure of
special intrigue, hovering throughout
the universe just waiting for a

Random digits of pure thought;
obstacles of great influence, captured
unexpectedly from the naked,
calculating eye.

Formal reason, extrapolation and
calculation, causes the earth to rotate
in predictable patterns of immoral

Circular and flat, square and round, the
generic evolution of cognition leaves
little space for a man to watch a child

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