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Poems for fun.  Poems for laughter. Poems to tickle.  Many of these poems are not offered in Frames or on Poem Plastrons.  They are for your reading pleasure while your are here visiting.
Sonnets you can purchase.  Or just read and enjoy.  Some of these Sonnets will inspire testicular transformation.  You will absolutely be either laughing, crying, screaming or cursing when you are done reading.
Yorktown Disciple is the Quatrain King of the Twenty First Century.  Quatrains for your reading pleasure.  Some of these Quatrains will tie your tongue in knots.  Please remain seated when you are reading them. 
The Quatrain King.  Once you read any of these Quatrains you will know why. Please take the time to appreciate the mind numbing philosophical triumphs you are about to encounter.
Poems - Sonnets - Quatrains - Parables- Odes  Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain Anointer. Don't miss these Quatrains. Get into the spirit of the Quatrain.  Learn to read poetry like poetry should be read. If you don't know how.  Take lessons.
Quatrain Elucidator. More giant Quatrains. Poems that may portend the future.  They may portend the past.  They may just make you see yourself.
Remember to use this for a quick reference to all things exciting on this site. There are articles and various writings from Yorktown Disciple that are not poems.  This Quick Reference will get you there pronto.
Home is where the kitchen table is.  If you get hungry, or completely lost, or overwhelmed or under nourished go Home.  Thanks for being here.
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Quatrain savior. More galvanizing Quatrains.  Take Quatrain of Snakes #396 for instance.  If you haven't read it, you haven't experience real poetic sex!
Find out some interesting facts about Yorktown Disciple and a description of a Poem Plastron.
Quatrain Extractor.  Wow! More and more Quatrains.  The Lord sure did bless Yorktown Disciple.
Yes,  More Outrageous Quatrains.  Read. Enjoy. When was the last time you gave your loved one a Quatrain?
Quatrain King.  Read Quatrains until you finally learn how to spell the word. Remember.
Quatrain Master.  Quatrains to soothe the soul.  Quatrains of orgasmic purpose.
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Quatrain Exemplar.  Quatrains to rubberize your thongs
Quatrain Anointer.  Quatrains
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Quatrains to tickle your tail bone.  Now who does that?
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Quatrains for redemptive prayer
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Quatrains for Spiritual Power
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Quatrains to Spur Thought
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Over 10,700 poems by Yorktown Disciple right here
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