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Poetry can squeeze thoughts through your mind like sausage through a grinder.  But when it is done, it is really good.
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Government's Prayer

This has replaced the Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in government,
hallowed be thy forced service.
Your kingdom has finally come,
your will imposed on freedom,
no longer is this heaven.
Give us this day our monthly checks,
And incur more and more debt,
as you forgive more foreign debtors.
And lead us into usurpation,
deliver us directly into tyranny.
For thine is thy social kingdom
of bureaucratic glory, for ever
and ever.


Yorktown Disciple
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Poetry comes from brain cells left over after deep thought. Yorktown Disciple
Nature Quotes
In another life this guy was a poet
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Fictionalized Truth

Truth has become fiction, hard science
and spiritual goals of glory no
longer remain

We have lowered our owlish gene pool,
living does not include elevating
life, it's how we

The end of existence known may not be
too far away, a thought once
believed only by

Today we are socially pillaged by idiocy,
the last of mankind will soon
be pushing up

Yorktown Disciple