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Poems by Yorktown Disciple: One poem screen printed on 1/8" Dibond
with 3mm aluminum finish. Size:
8" x 10".  Choose Poem Code        
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($.88 Cents Per Sq Inch of Poetry)
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All PoemArt is signed by the Poet,  Signature appears with the Embossed laminated, Certification from the Library of Yorktown Disciple.
The Editors

What is a Dibond  Poem Plastron?

This Dibond plate being offered on this site is a durable aluminum composite material- two strong sheets of .012 aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. 

Alcan Composites, USA Inc., offers this new composite.  This material finish has polyester clear-coat applied over the brushed aluminum finish. 

Protective masking comes standard, applied to the brushed aluminum side of sheet.  It has an excellent smooth surface enabling precise screen printing.  Material is very rigid.  Excellent weather resistance and very light weight. 

Your Quatrain will last indoors or outdoors for a very long time.  This art work is resistant not only to the weather but to your friends as well.  They will be able to throw fresh eggs at your poem if they do not like it and it will not hurt it.  You simply wash it off and read it again. 

Makes a perfect gift.  Truly, it is a gift of perfection.
Comes with an attachable hook so you can hang it on a wall.  Wow! Looks like a million bucks!
Plastron is 1/8" thick thermoplasic core
Dibond Poem Plastron
Aluminum Composite
Plastron.  Body Armor Shielding you from really bad poetry.  When you use a Dibond Poem Plastron from Yorktown Disciple you are impervious to all the poor quality poetry you will find out there in the world today. Purchase authentic poetry that comes certified and is verifiably the best poetry found in modern literature.
Order your Dibond Poem Plastron with your favorite poem today!  Place the name of the poem when ordering.  Click the buy button.  A lasting gift.

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