Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple


      With obligatory denial scraped from my
      reflections of stone mounted beatitudes,
      I was blissfully hoping to be disciplined
      before nightfall.

      Screaming sounds, confounding putrefied
      egg batter and truth soaked insight, has
      left me morally decaying. 

      Emulsified soil brought in from a garden,
      planted with the seeds of Prayer without
      God's approval - the unintended

      These are shameful acts of disrespect and
      blundering errors of judgment no reasonable
      person would dial into forgiveness, especially
      in the early hours of the morning. 

      Perhaps we should all go back to sleep. And
      when we wake, we will find none of it was
      ever real!

     Yorktown Disciple
Confusion - Yorktown Disciple
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