Yorktown Disciple
 Floating Evil - Yorktown Disciple
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Little is know about MMW.  It is said he was a friend of Yorktown Disciple.  However, when we confronted Yorktown Disciple he would not answer us directly. This picture was taken circa 1964

The Editors
Monstrous Mephistopheles Warrior
Floating evil

Devil's thoughts slipping between steel grids
lining the mind of a Monstrous Mephistopheles
Warrior - intent on destroying human freedoms.

Cannons with faith balls must be fired across the
bow of religion keeping the gospel from becoming
entrenched in scientific spoils know as idioms.

The desire to pray must be saddled and the
answers to our devotional inspirations must
be manifestly constrained and subdued.

For if we press God we are pressing ourselves
and the endless futility simply encircles our
beacon of hope and leaves us appearing rude.

Therefore. Go forth, sail up the river of righteousness
and check the depth of pity so as not run an
overburdened soul aground.

And remember, the Mephistopheles Warrior is intent
on making sure you cannot separate science from faith  without leaving your soul where it can never be found.

Yorktown Disciple
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