Yorktown Dsiciple

   Panegyric Whisper

   An Angel came up to me
   And spoke not a word. 

   Then, a panegyric whisper
   came over me with the
   force of evolution.

   I was dumbfounded.  What
   had I done to deserve such

   My knees began to buckle,
   my heart began to sink.

   My soul began to climb a
   tendrillar wall of twine and
   my eyes began to blink.

   Glory be to welded prose.
   Glory be to exalted, sweaty

   And Glory be to all who have
   been praised by God!

             Yorktown Disciple
 Panegyric Whisper - Yorktown Disciple
This poem was found on one of these sampans.  No one knows which one.
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Yorktown Disciple