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Greek Boundaries - Yorktown Disciple
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Greek Boundaries Hermes, God of Boundaries, Liquidator of thieves. I must place boundaries on my soul, And fence in my wanton will. I cannot allow my thoughts to roam Or allow depraved greed to spill. I must cast a net to contain inspiration; Anchor happiness to a superficial shoal. I must freeze any movement of consecration and fill the universe with sorrow so whole. I am not deserving of any freedom. I see the world without escape. I must enslave my conscience To a notion that is nailed to a cross of hate. These boundaries were churlishly divined, Long before I could wrestle with ignorance, The prison the Hoarders built to hold my pity, Is lined with a treacherous barbed wire fence. I will take this path, it's all I know. I will walk with shackles 'till dusk. And when rationed daylight breaks My body and my god will be turned to dust. Yorktown Disciple 1964