Yorktown Disciple
      Goddess of My Dreams

       I once clutched your intuition
      And passionately grazed your smile.
      I once embraced your erotic scent - 
      Allowing rapture to soar in style.

      I tasted the spice of your compassion;
      Engaging your image deep and tender.
      I once captured your loving urge -
      Now you're mine to always remember.

      Fondling words among our breath,
      Releasing all tension and unrest.
      Sanctioned love, only by God-
      The unconscious answer to a Holy quest.

      If ever I wish to hold you,
      To quench the source of desire;
      I long to see your face without
      Being singed by hot flames of fire.

      Do not fear my sensual hunger.
      Nor shun my wanton passion.
      You are the Goddess of my dreams-
      Immaculate grace I do not ration.

      Come, touch the edge of my impressions,
      Drain me dry of all sharing.
      Let my thoughts slip into your soul-
      Providing precious moments for caring.
      Oh, if I could, just once again,
      Cling to your bosom like a child.
      If I could just touch your affection-
      It might revive a love I filed.

      Lip to lip and hand to hand,
      What passion we did allow.
      You made me feel so powerful then-
      You make me feel so humble now!

   Yorktown Disciple
               Poem Code 2B

Yorktown Disciple - Goddess Of My Dreams
From the USS Yorktown CVS 10 -  1964
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