Yorktown Disciple
The Beginning
Making Of God - Yorktown Disciple
Penned by God
Subic bay, Manila 1964
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The Making Of God

There was no space; motion didn't dwell.
There was no blessing, nor thought of time.

A period when the beginning had not begun,
Only darkens when light didn't shine.

There was a vacuum before infinity.
Imperial reflections didn't bother to exist.

Substance or emptiness was not perceived;
Clenching your hand didn't make a fist.

It was a storm without sadness or joy.
A longing for silence, while praying for noise.

When subtraction didn't take from the total;
Souls and spirits where just mere toys.

Nothing to start, nothing to gain.
Beauty became overheated while frozen.

Alas, nothing appeared round or square.
Suddenly, there was Holy Inspiration and
God was chosen.

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