I spent my youth as though
      it were existential coinage.
      I listened with only one ear.

      I painted fences of deceit
      around those I disliked.

      I gathered up a mixture
      of unadulterated
      spinal fluid from those
      with no moral backbone.

      I was selfish and impossible.
      I grew older without trying.

      My coinage is gone and all
      that is left is the sober belief
      tomorrow will bring
      enlightenment once promised
      to me by old people.

      I was sold out, to be sure, by
      half wits and their drunken

      I now have to face spaghetti
      filled angels without an
      appetite for any encrusted
      desire to do my righteous duty-
      to forgive those who were
      too ignorant to pull me from
      the empyreal darkness
      they could not see.

      Yorktown Disciple
 Coinage - Yorktown Disciple
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