Yorktown Disciple

  Pay homage to your Creator always
        giving thanks. Remember, your Creator
        may be different than others.

   2.  Vow to abide by the axioms
        pertained in the genetics of freewill.
        It will keep you from becoming
        imprisoned in self righteousness.

   3.  Spawn favor for the rights of others.

   4.  Do unto others as they have done
        unto you. If you are slapped.  Slap
        back forcefully.

   5.  Honor all Wonder as Holy.

   6.  Crush those who intend to do you
        harm before their dreams become
        your nightmares.

   7.  Do not commit intellectual adultery.
        Let not your reason drown in false

   8.  Do not covet Justice that is
        divinely fed on moral bankruptcy.
        Disobey foolish laws.

           Yorktown Disciple
 Eight Foundations of Verisimilitude - Yorktown Disciple
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You may want to structure your life around these Eight Foundations.  Give it some thought!

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