Yorktown Disciple

      The shadows of night moved
      nebulously across the great
      timbers of the Northern Hemisphere. 
      A lonely Werewolf slunk softly
      through the blackened trees stealing
      the silence lying all about him. With
      teeth flashing, tongue lapping, he
      howled for evanescent forgiveness as
      his colossal lips dripped with saliva.

      Suddenly, the Werewolf halted
      abruptly, never to move again.  His
      eyes fastened upon an object of
      Truth, Trust and Tranquility.
      Emulsified fright held him fast.

      Rain fell and all became wet. 
      The dampness gave way to chill
      and the Werewolf froze to death.

      The body did not rot.  It remains
      there today.  The rain has stopped
      but Truth, Trust and Tranquility
      continue to linger.

      Now let thy blood flow. Let thy
      stomach digest this ugly feast; let thy
      mind tarry just a little. Yes, you killed
      that gory beast!

                         Yorktown Disciple
Werewolf - Yorktown Disciple
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