Yorktown Disciple

Yorktown Disciple
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This dissertation is not for the mathematically challenged.  We hope you enjoy it.
A4 Jet Landing on the USS Yorktown in 1964
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Drafting Spirit - Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple
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There is a Spirit running parallel to your protracted thoughts. These thoughts stand perpendicular to your feelings, and your feelings can be found by bisecting the distance from your last thought of God to the first thought of yourself. Once you find this point you can measure the distance by using an imaginative ruler. It should equal the radius of your circular intuition of the world. The angle by which you perceive God, can be found by observing the formula: Sine C, equals (c) over (a). In this case, Sine C is your degree of understanding the Cosmos and (a) is your attitude toward this knowledge. This leaves (c) unknown. Depending upon your attitude and understanding, your perception will be a given number of thoughts from the horizon. (Answer by solving for c). This is the amount you will have to think in order to see God at a true size. Once you find this distance, you can also project a line of likeness to God by using the Pythagorean Theorem. Unless you have a impecunious attitude, the hypotenuse should equal the image of a beautiful angel. And the function of this triangle (You, Angel, and God) will form one hundred and eighty degrees of truth. Truth then, is a plane and a plane a can be viewed as an edge and an edge can be viewed as a point. You, angel, and God are just a point. Or, to explain it crudely, the universe is just a giant dot! Yorktown Disciple