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Quatrain Directive LXI

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Yorktown Disciple
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Quatrain Directive LXI - Yorktown Disciple
5808 Quatrain Of Remembrance
5809 Quatrain Of Trashy Knowledge
5810 Quatrain Of Be A Hero
5811 Quatrain Of Mental Clarity
5812 Quatrain Of Best Forgotten
5813 Quatrain Of Women's World
5814 Quatrain Of Personal Garden
5815 Quatrain Of No Skill
5816 Quatrain Of Not What You Say
5760 Quatrain of If You Were
5764 Quatrain of Born Elsewhere
5768 Quatrain of Defy Fear
5772 Quatrain of Constitution Clause
5776 Quatrain of Great Pretense
5780 Quatrain of Picking Friends
5784 Quatrain of Connecting Dots
5788 Quatrain of Nose Leading
5792 Quatrain of God's Master Pl
5796 Quatrain of Resenting Gifts
5800 Quatrain of Protesting Is Violent
5804 Quatrain of Rich & Poor
5761 Quatrain of Human Endeavor
5765 Quatrain of Peace Is Over
5769 Quatrain of Perverted Creature
5773 Quatrain of Faith Doubting
5777 Quatrain of Mental Rearrange
5781 Quatrain of Design Of Man
5785 Quatrain of Public Service
5789 Quatrain of Visiting Heaven
5793 Quatrain of Printing Thoughts
5797 Quatrain of Strap It On
5801 Quatrain of The Force Within
5805 Quatrain of Dumping Up
5762 Quatrain of Heavenly Compute
5766 Quatrain of Arms Length
5770 Quatrain of Organized Thougts
5774 Quatrain of Different Creatures
5778 Quatrain of Based On Myth
5782 Quatrain of Deck Of Cards
5786 Quatrain of Coming Apart
5790 Quatrain of Face Plant
5794 Quatrain of Play Life's Game
5798 Quatrain of Life Expires
5802 Quatrain of Culture Of Death
5806 Quatrain of Today's Issues
5763 Quatrain of Islamophobia
5767 Quatrain of Human Strain
5771 Quatrain of Try As I Might
5775 Quatrain of Spurning Parody
5779 Quatrain of Vague Mind
5783 Quatrain of Original Sin
5787 Quatrain of Atomic Godsend
5791 Quatrain of World Spinning
5795 Quatrain of Ugly Demons
5799 Quatrain of Golden Rule
5803 Quatrain of No Sway
5807 Quatrain of Absolute Defiance
5817 Quatrain of Dry Cleaning Souls
5818 Quatrain Of Manna From Heav
5819 Quatrain Of Forming Minds
5820 Quatrain Of No Wrath
Poems as good as any works by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow or Edgar Allan Poe
5821 Quatrain of Always Agreeing
5822 Quatrain Of Too Young To Kn
5823 Quatrain Of Drowned Out
5824 Quatrain Of You're Dismissed
5825 Quatrain Of When Life begins
5826 Quatrain Of World Oyster
5827 Quatrain Of Given A Choice
5828 Quatrain Of Garden Kicker
5829 Quatrain Of By My Wits
5830 Quatrain Of Too Much
5831 Quatrain Of The Martyr
5832 Quatrain Of Defining Morals
5833 Quatrain Of Half & Whole
5834 Quatrain Of Science At Stake
5835 Quatrain Of Childish Feelings
5836 Quatrain Of Next War                   5837 Quatrain Of Preacher Traits            5838 Quatrain Of Correcting Past Sins  5839 Quatrain Of End Fanaticism
5840 Quatrain Of Divine Logic             5841 Quatrain Of From My House          5842 Quatrain Of Born A Coward          5843 Quatrain Of Speaking Of Hell
5844 Quatrain Of Traveling Backward   5845 Quatrain Of Teaching Truth           5846 Quatrain Of Aging Panic              5847 Unwrapped Soul
5848 Quatrain Of Millions Of Years       5849 Quatrain Of Puny Soul                   5850 Quatrain Of Mental Regurgit...     5851 Quatrain Of Dying Universe
5852 Quatrain Of Before Death             5853 Quatrain Of Not The Rich               5854 Quatrain Of Other Fishes              5855 Quatrain Of Start & Stop
5856 Quatrain Of To Be Feminized       5857 Quatrain Of thy Labor                    5858 Quatrain Of Command Dispur..    5859 Quatrain Sleepy & Dark
5860 Quatrain Of Clean Hands              5861 Quatrain Of Eating Thyself             5862 Quatrain Of No Rejoicing             5863 Quatrain Of No Prime Mover             
5864 Quatrain Of Wearing Logos         5865 Quatrain Of Our Own Brain            5866 Quatrain Of Trip From Hell          5867 Quatrain Of Overseer
5868 Quatrain Of Fits The Crime          5869 Quatrain Of Lead Them Top Water 5870 Quatrain Of Throw Away             5871 Quatrain Of Burning Acid
5872 Quatrain Of The Present               5873 Quatrain Of Faildown                     5874 Quatrain Of Totally Pleased         5875 Quatrain Of The Search
5876 Quatrain Of Little Lies                  5877 Quatrain Of The Bully                    5878 Quatrain Of Lost Hisotry              5876 Quatrain Of Precious Life