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How many eggs cracking yield a tailored spine!

How many eggs cracking yield a tailored spine!
A few of them lay scrambled on a plate
Of great taste and excitement, - I was irate
Over their shells so gleaming and fine:
And preferable when I taste for a time,
These will intone before my soul be late:
But no imperfection, no flaw will escape -
A welcome pitch; pleasing to my awkward incline
The blessed endeavor of an ineffable smell;
The twitter of old Hens - the noise of trumpets -
Slapping of yearning desire - the cruelty that infects,
Without defense of wish - the look I know so well,
As long as it is the egg I understand and its effects,
And the rise of happiness, or the sound it will jell.

Yorktown Disciple
Anyone familiar with poetry will recognize "How many barbs gild the lapses of time" by John Keats.  Here is a Yorktown Disciple version (to discipline the mind)with a different subject matter but based on similar iambic pentameter. Enjoy.   The Editors
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