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Quatrain of Purgatory

Purgatory: A process or place of
purification temporary punishment.
Christian belief.  Souls who die in
a state of grace are readied for

Forbearing wicked deeds, lest I bring
damnation, my soul has tried in
desperation to feed off polite
nobility found in giving aid to all

For it is by the grace of God I follow
truth staying attuned to bigotry
and tyrannical indulgence to lord
over others in need, that I can

Seldom have I lost control or allowed
the devil to force my decisions to become
ignorant or self contained, in hopes of
keeping implacable selfishness

I pray for redemption when my day is done -
I carry my burdens weighing me down;
continue to remain a watch tower for the
iniquitous failures that go

Yorktown Disciple


Purgatory here on earth
Order # 194
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Quatrain of Purgatory - 194 - Yorktown Disciple
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