Yorktown Disciple
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Celestial Motion -  Flesh Runneth Over -

One Framed Poem (Flesh Runneth Over) by Yorktown Disciple (signed) &
1 Inscribed Coffee Mug   (Special Price)  (Poem Size: 5" x 7" - Frame Size 7" x 9")
Wood Frame (Walnut)

Intoxicating poetry

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Gold Parchment

Vivaldi Lettering

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Embossed Library Seal
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Celestial Motion
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Flesh Runneth
Poem Code 1F
Inscribed on Mug:

Soul Climbing
Tendrillar Wall


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Papyrus:  Gold Parchment
The Story of Yorktown Disciple

Yorktown Disciple served on the USS Yorktown in the beginning of the Vietnam War.  He went onboard skinny and green and reemerged two years later a renowned Poet! 

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All poems personally signed by the poet Yorktown Disciple. 
All poems are certified to be from the Library of Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple
Saint of Washed Hope
Intoxicating poetry -
Wood framed (Walnut) -
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