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Quatrain of Planet Wolf

Planet Wolf - Neighboring star dust

I was traveling out in space
in search of gold and jewels,

Behold, I crossed the path of
a new planet, devoid of fools.

Ecstatic to the core of severed
thought, I made a solemn pack,

I would not introduce a spiritual
foible with an ignorant attack.

No one on the planet, believed
credibility was mine to display,

Within my eyes they could surmise,
I was here to have my way.

They were right, of course, I'm the
monster released from God's pad,

If redemption were possible, the
human species would be a fad.

The inhabitants of the Wolf
Planet, were not taken by surprise.

In fact, they wouldn't let me land
or send in my interstellar spies.

And so I circled, in an attempt
to concoct a surreptitious plan,

But my fuel ran out, and the solar
system avoided a cosmic scam.

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