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Quatrain of Weather Blues
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Quatrain of Weather Blues

Weather - atmospheric conditions

O, the atmosphere, with 
warmth pushing from

Pressuring your hopes and
dreams past a lover on your

And then the dismay sets in,
and rain clouds 

O, thy wilted conditions,
traverse surfaces you hold so

Lasting clouds quietly punctuate
the landscape on hot

Eventually, covering your lover
wearing only tropospheric

Bringing your heart up, into
the air, to collide with a cold

Turbulence remains; you lose
interest, causing blue skies to

Yorktown Disciple

Quatrain of Weather Blues - 1063 - Yorktown Disciple
Accuweather.  Yorktown Disciple gives you the opportunity to make sure the weather is good enough for you to read Quatrains.  Some Quatrains should never be read during bad weather.  Others maybe should be read during bad weather.  You must be the judge. 

If the thoughts just don't click, wait until the weather changes.  We at Perceptive Publishing want your poem reading experience to be most up lifting, rewarding, and truly an exciting experience.  Poems are the life blood of intellectual thought.  When you don't understand mathematics, you simply move on to something else.  When you don't understand poetry, your intellectual craving is crushed beyond any useful properties and your mind becomes just sand on an ignorant beach. 

Read. Study.  Be sure you know what you are reading.

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