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Quatrain of Mustang Villanelle
Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain of Mustang Villanelle

Villanelle - a poem written in tercets
(usually 5) ending with a Quatrain

O, Thy mustang, graciously roaming under the sun
Majestically galloping passed words outspoken,
Reminding me of hymns my mother once sung,

With little time to grow up to watch the races won,
There was no doubt, my riding days were rarely broken,
For I was taught to ride swiftly, next to the sun.

It was my desire to teach the horse how to run
But what the mustang didn't know was just a token,
It was I who had to learn the songs that were sung.

So we raced across the valleys without being undone,
We played together as if my mind had just awoken,
As if the world had laid all it's love under the sun,

The spirits in the air, so full of bluster and fun,
I didn't want to grow up, find myself housebroken,
I just wanted to ride the pony, hear the song he sung,

For a wild and free world, I found I knew wasn't spun,
Was a world I wished to embrace with a heart unbroken,
The love I had for the outdoors; the horse in the sun,
Would forever bless my soul and the words I heard sung.

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Quatrain of Mustang Villanelle - 1175 - Yorktown Disciple
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