Yorktown Disicple
Quatrain of Socialized Medicine

Socialized medicine - medicine paid
at a rate oblivious to the outcome

If everyone pays dues, my
welfare should be easily on
a path to Kingdom

Why not pitch in and send
me a check and I could
experience a great

It is the working person with
the ability to earn and the
only one who can afford to

Every one else, should just
sit back, collect their share
and simply stay out of the

When price no longer controls
behavior, our wishes become
a burden to all

We long to have the best of
life regardless of how the flow
of money affects our

Human nature is constrained
to help any mortal soul when
they're in a time of great need,

But he is not equipped to spread
the wealth as if he were a
farmer in a field he must

Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain of Socialized Medicine - 1139 - Yorktown Disciple Quatrain of Socialized Medicine - 1139 - Yorktown Disciple
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