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Quatrain of Erudislapdash
Study of Global Warming)

Warming - increase surface temperatures
due to green house gases.

Climatology is a very sloppy science. 
A new term for this kind of science
needs to be erected here and now:

The study of global warming is the
study of erudite slapdash: written
as Erudislapdash

Erudite - learned, scholarly, wise
Slapdash - haphazard, sloppy, careless

Earth belching moments, hemorrhaging
carbons of a dying planet, groaning
from being saddle

Lapping of the Seas, to remind us of its
tongue, the earth eats graciousness
as if tomorrow will be no

Absorbing spewed contempt for rationing
the escape of oxygen thousands of feet
into miraculous

mperatures measured, calefaction
treasured attest to a weak link in
a warming chain to

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Quatrain of Erudislapdash - 276 - Yorktown Disciple