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Quatrain of Calories
Quatrain of Calories

Please, no unctuous food

Calories - energy in food

Oh, Susanna, oh, won't you fry for me,
I come from zero calories, and found you fat free.
Moreover, I laid waste to elevated cholesterol,
Now I'm losing fat, as I watch my weight fall.

I eat only lettuce, maybe a carrot or two,
I come from zero calories, my glycemic index untrue
The burden that I carry, the sins that I shed,
Have come by eating healthy, nibbling foods I dread.

Oh, Susanna, oh, don't you lie for my ass,
I come from zero calories, no longer passing gas.
I shall remain on my diet, forever and a day,
And when I leave this world, I will go right past the

Devil's buffet.

Yorktown Disciple
Quatrain of Calories - 1074 - Yorktown Disciple
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Quatrain of Calories - 1074 - Yorktown Disciple
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