Yorktown Disciple

Washington - Cherry tree
Adams - American Revolution
Jefferson - Declaration of Independence
Madison - Federalist Papers
Monroe - Revolutionary War
J.Q. Adams - Monroe Doctrine
Jackson - Military leader
Van Buren - Economic hardship
W. Harrison - Pneumonia
Tyler - Tippecanoe and Tyler too
Polk -  Civil War and salad
Taylor - Military leader
Fillmore - A Whig
Pierce - Worst president so far
Buchanan - The bachelor
Lincoln - Slaves
A. Johnson - Impeachment
Grant - Tombs
Hayes - Contentious election
Garfield - Assassinated
Arthur - Bad health
Cleveland - Honesty
B. Harrison - Influenza
Cleveland - National depression
Mckinley - Assassinated
T Roosevelt - Rough riders
Taft - Income taxes for corporations
Wilson - Enlarging government
Harding - Women's suffrage
Coolidge - Silent Cal
Hoover - Dam
Roosevelt - Wanna be king
Truman - Atomic bombs
Eisenhower - General
Kennedy - Camelot
Johnson - Liar
Nixon - Not a crook
Ford - The stumbler
Carter - Misery index
Reagan - Tearing down walls
Bush Sr - Reading lips
Clinton - Bent penis
Bush Jr - Islam, religion of peace
Obama - Affirmative Action
Here is a list of remembrances.  Why the Presidents of the united States are remembered. This is a condensed version.  This list is what pops out at the sound of a presidential name. If yours is different you have been lost in a fog. Enjoy
Yorktown Disciple
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Yorktown Disciple

How To Remember Your Presidents - Yorktown Disciple