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Yorktown Disciple
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Poemart 53 - Sonnet - Taborites - Yorktown Disciple
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Taborites - Aimed archaic beliefs at the 21st Century

Taborites!  With glory risen, dragging the new age movement,

Thy debating skills so persuasive and far from stone dead,
And tis I, who wished you well, even when the odds were misread.

You changed religion from cold fusion to a spark no longer maleficent.

Thou brought God out of the shadows for the Peasant to see,

His words now ring true and help the ghost of tomorrow dress polite,
O, firm they will, solid thy trust, I now worship in plain site.

Like winters of past indulgence, I wait to use my master key,

I wish to climb up and sit with God long before I die,

Tis my wish that the soul I have will be the one I need,
And when the time comes, Heaven will open, for me to plead

And my work on earth will be shelved - put on standby.

So, give me grace, give me satisfactory reverence within my spirit,
For you have brought religious customs I do not wish to disinherit!

Yorktown Disciple