Yorktown Disciple

                                      A Meadow

There you were, in a meadow, with a varnished, naked body pressing on the grass so tall,

With an orchard in the distance, placing tenderness and warmth into a perfect mixture,

How can I not embrace rapture while holding you in my arms, and touching your fixture,

It was a warm day that I first realized it was in the pasture where my heart would fall.

There was a breeze gently nudging, against a thought I hoped would never go away,

The image in my mind, of what it must be like to have a dream come to life, now real,

For the sake of keeping my soul from being overcome, by feelings gushing so genteel,

I began to follow salacious cravings, even though if I let my guard down, I'd go astray.

It was then a cloud came over and hid the light streaming off your face with dim neglect,

I was certain it would pass by and you would appear still naked, yearning for courtly love,

I didn't want this moment to fade like the sun, I just wanted my dream to push and shove,

For in this static moment, there would be no other offer, only a longing to be checked.

The moment faded, with you lying in the meadow beneath redemptive hills so near,

And to this day, my emotions linger, my infatuation flares, and continues to persevere.

Yorktown Disciple
Poemart 105 - Sonnet - The Meadow - Yorktown Disciple
Poemart 105 - Sonnet - The Meadow - Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple
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