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Yorktown Disciple
Yorktown Disciple
Poems Nine Thousand
Poetry, a journey of handling words, trolling for thoughts, bundling ideas, preserving
the welfare of the mind and soul.  It is hard to believe one poet, Yorktown Disciple,
could assemble 9000 poems in one place, ready to read with a click of an electronic
mouse, or perhaps a digital rat.

It is the Editor's sincere hope you find wisdom, happiness, sadness, triumph and
confusion when you read the poems written with God's help.

Be sure to read until you are blue in the face.  Let the love of poetry overcome all
your desires to form a mental picture of everything hard to see.

9000 poems, nothing short of mastering the soul.

The editors

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Poetry cannot be found in the trees, but it can be lost in the weeds.
Yangtze River, China
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9000 poems Published
December 2016
Poem 9000
If you read 3 poems a day it will only take just over 8 years to read 9000 poems by Yorktown Disciple
Blessed be the poem reader.
Quatrain of Artistic Feelings
# 8596

The twist of a lady's love,
turned into

The surefire ravaging of
bliss, hopefully, never
lost, or in

Thy twisting of desire spun
dry and scrubbed
clean by the

It's love turning, it's circular
motion, spinning
feelings into

Yorktown Disciple
A master linguist, a decoder of life and a perfect paraphraser of words
Read this poem again,
you will feel the tears
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