Yorktown Disciple
                        Sonnet  - Meeting You

The thrill of my first desire, was directed by the gleam in your eye,

You became my first love, a passionate melting of a whispering gasp.

It was instinctive, the feeling, it came from the depth of my soul with a sigh,

I longed to touch you, to suckle the elixir of a natural spirit with a searching grasp.

The excitement throbbed with the wonder of you, it overwhelmed my heart,

I knew right away you were meant for me and prayed we could come together,

I had never felt so alive, so manly in my bones, life seemed off to such a good start.

Happiness rained down like a misty love cloud - a long ago moment felt like forever.

But life intervened, my desire for you was left to find it's own way without your aura,

The magic found in my soul was interrupted by feelings you missed as my warm Pandora.

My soul burned out of love fuel, it was years before I could re-ignite any passion anew,

It was the craving I originally fostered, but it was true delight, it just wasn't love with you.

How I long for our eyes to meet once more; let the emotion play out one more time,

It was more than love, it was a moment we shared that made living so magnificently sublime.

Yorktown Disciple

Sonnet - Meeting You - Yorktown Disciple
Sonnet Directive
Order Section 43
Yorktown Disciple

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