Found in an old Exxon Service Station abandoned in 1974

   Go placidly amid the gas shortage and forget the convenience
   of traveling by auto. 

   As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with
   service station attendants. 

   Speak your gripes quietly and clearly; listen to Nixon, even the
   dull and ignorant have a story to tell.  Avoid racing your car's engine.

   It is a vexation to your gas supply.  If you compare your driving
   with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there
   will be someone driving more than you. 

   Enjoy your memories of trips you used to take.  Keep interested
   in the oil companies and their tricky dealings.  However humble,
   they do impossible feats while exchanging fortunes. 
   Exercise caution when you write your senator, do not swear. 

   But let this not blind you to what gas there is; many persons
   strive for full tanks of petrol; everywhere life is full of heroism.
   Be patient. 

   Especially do not steal fuel.  Neither be cynical about knocking off
   U.S. or foreign oil barrens; for in the face of all aridity and
   disenchantment they are perennial as gas. 

   Take kindly the counsel of Congress, gracefully surrendering the
   driving you enjoy. 

   Nurture strength of spirit to shield you when gasoline reaches
   80 cents per gallon.

   But do not distress yourself when imagining it could go higher.
   Many fears are born of fatigue while waiting in long lines.

   Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with your car.  It is
   a child of the auto industry and a toy of the oil monoliths no less
   than the trees and the stars; your car has a right to be here. 

   And whether or not it is clear to you, the Universe will not run
   without gasoline.

   Therefore, be at peace with the present political administration,
   whether you conceive them to be crooked or not. 

   With all their sham, drudgery and broken dreams, the U.S. is still
   a terrific place to ride bicycles.  Be careful when striving to find gas.

   Yorktown Disciple
 Gaserata - Yorktown Disciple
Read this Epistle with reverence.  Yorktown Disciple wrote this during  the gas shortage in the seventy's.  The hype back then was incredible.  The whole world began to believe we were running out of oil.  Many people thought the last gallon would be used up before Christmas of that year.  Ya, first someone invented the automobile and within just a few short years we had used up all the oil and shot all the horses.  The only thing left were bicycles.  And just like today, the media was spewing this nonsense non-stop.  Some things never change.  Read. EnjoyThe Editors
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