Yorktown Disciple
Colliding Love
Colliding Love

The aching pain of contemplated emotion,
placed in front of you.

Waiting for an answer, is it true love or
is just a passing feeling?

When I first tried to publish my joy, I
didn't understand why you bid adieu.

Your bathed objection left me stymied,
and rattled the world I spun anew.

With an armored breast I slapped my
chest, to hollow out the desire,

Living without you would be a trick, I
never practiced or hoped to carry out.

But here you are queerly coy, and me
wishing my heart wasn't on fire.

Our worlds collided, the impact left
your life whole, and mine in doubt.

So let me spin my affection, like
thread on an infatuated ball.

You and I must go our own ways, you
on soaring wings, I in free fall.

Yorktown Disciple
Colliding Love  - Yorktown Disciple
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Colliding Love  - Yorktown Disciple
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